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IVF Using Donor Egg

Couples can find family building success with donor egg

Our Louisiana fertility specialists often recommend donor egg, or oocyte donation. For some infertile couples, donor egg represents the only real chance for parenthood and the ability to experience the entire pregnancy process from conception to delivery.

Women and men come to our Louisiana fertility center seeking fertility treatments with egg donation for various reasons.

  • Advanced maternal age. The quantity and quality of a woman’s eggs begin to diminish in her 30s. When a woman reaches the age of 37, there is often a significant drop in both egg quality and quantity. By the age of 40, many women have less than a 5% chance of developing a healthy pregnancy. Because of these factors, these women may need to utilize the highly effective option of egg donation.
  • Premature ovarian failure. When a woman under the age of 40 does not produce normal levels of estrogen and does not regularly release an egg, she is likely experiencing primary ovarian insufficiency. This condition often requires the use of donor eggs.
  • Continual fertility challenges. If a hopeful mother has had two or more miscarriages, or repeated IVF failure, there could be an issue with her fertility. If fertility evaluations indicate that the quantity or quality of her eggs is a factor in her fertility challenges, her doctor may recommend egg donation.
  • Inheritable genetic conditions. In some cases, genetic screening indicates that a woman has an inheritable genetic condition. If she has a condition that she could pass down to her children, the hopeful parents may want to consider egg donation.
  • Same-sex male couples. Same-sex male couples will need to utilize an egg donor and gestational surrogate to welcome a baby.

Hopeful parents in need of donor eggs can rest assured that our Louisiana fertility center will support them every step of the way, making their egg donation journey as simple and effective as possible.

IVF using donor egg

In general, using donor egg is very similar to the in vitro fertilization process. The major difference is that the egg donor undergoes the ovulation induction and egg retrieval, while the egg recipient undergoes simultaneous preparation of her uterus for embryo implantation.

Before treatment with donor egg begins, all parties involved are required by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to undergo medical, psychological, and legal counseling. Donors undergo a rigorous pre-screening process for genetic, psychological and physical health abnormalities, and sexually transmitted diseases. Only those women who have passed the complete screening process including preliminary ultrasound and hormonal fertility screening become candidates to be egg donors for a prospective recipient couple.

Sometimes patients have a person in mind who will serve as an egg donor, for example, a younger sister or friend. Even though this person is known to the recipient couple, she must be screened as any other donor would be and demonstrate she will provide a good chance for a successful pregnancy.

With an anonymous egg donation, our Louisiana fertility specialists will help you select donor oocytes from a donor egg bank.

The next steps for hopeful parents interested in donor egg

If hopeful parents are uncertain as to whether donor egg is their best option, our Louisiana fertility center can support them. Our doctors will perform fertility testing and discuss potential treatment plans. Learn more about the donor egg selection and process.

Women and men who already know they require donor eggs will find comprehensive support at our fertility clinic. We will guide them from egg donor selection to the embryo transfer.