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Our team is known for advanced, high-quality Louisiana fertility care

Our team is known for advanced, high-quality Louisiana fertility care

As a comprehensive center for Louisiana fertility care, Fertility Answers provides advanced infertility treatments for men and women on their family-building journey.

Our two full-service clinics in Baton Rouge and Lafayette serve more than two-thirds of Louisiana in 40+ parishes. Our network allows us to offer high-quality care, compassion and expert guidance to those with the dream of parenthood and individuals seeking fertility preservation.

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How we offer advanced Louisiana fertility care at our two full-service centers

By utilizing state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technology, we have achieved remarkable success rates at our full-service clinics in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. This advanced care, which includes in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), genetic testing, egg freezing, and other effective treatments, has allowed us to help thousands of hopeful parents build their families.

We’re also honored to support philanthropic healthcare and access to care in Louisiana through our Gift of Hope program. This program allows our Louisiana fertility center, in collaboration with our lab partner Ovation Fertility, to offer hopeful parents the opportunity to overcome financial barriers and build their family through the gift of IVF.

Our partnership with industry leader, Ovation® Fertility, provides our patients with the most advanced technology in reproductive medicine

The ability of our Louisiana fertility center to provide high-quality, effective care is enhanced by our partnership with Ovation Fertility. The advanced support provided by this nationwide fertility network is the result of more than 60 of the greatest minds in reproductive medicine coming together to resolve infertility-related challenges. This collaboration heightens our capability to offer best practices, advanced equipment and leading-edge research.

From genetic testing to egg donation, our Ovation Fertility partnership helps women and men fulfill their dream of parenthood at the lowest possible cost.

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