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Deciding Which Embryo to Transfer

How we decide which embryo to transfer

The doctors at our Louisiana fertility center have techniques that help them determine which embryo to transfer as part of an IVF cycle. After our IVF laboratory team fertilizes the eggs and sperm from the intended parents or their donor, numerous embryos will hopefully result. From there, our team will select the ideal embryo.

Knowing which embryo to transfer with the help of genetic testing

When deciding which embryo to transfer, our Louisiana fertility center may use genetic testing, such as PGT-A or PGT-M. These tests can ensure that an embryo is chromosomally normal, free of genetic conditions and will offer the best possible chance of a healthy pregnancy.

  • Biopsy. A few days after fertilization, an embryologist will biopsy the cells that will become the placenta. The inner cell mass that will become the baby is left untouched, resulting in very low risk for the embryo.
  • Vitrification. After taking a biopsy of the embryos, our team flash freezes them through the process of vitrification.
  • Testing. Next, the embryologist examines the biopsied cells to determine whether any of the embryos have an abnormal amount of chromosomes through testing called PGT-A. Each embryo should have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Too many or too few chromosomes can lead to problems.
  • Preimplantation genetic testing for monogenetic disease (PGT-M). If the intended parents have a known inheritable condition, PGT-M can help determine whether any of the embryos have or carry that specific genetic condition.
  • Results. Once the doctors at our Louisiana fertility center review the test results, they can determine which embryo to transfer.

Another factor to consider when selecting an embryo

Genetic testing can tell our team which embryos are female and which are male. As many intended parents end up with numerous healthy embryos, they are often faced with deciding which gender to select. If a patient is making this decision with a partner, it is important for the couple to reach a conclusion together.

The knowledgeable doctors at our Louisiana fertility center support intended parents in identifying the embryo or embryos that offer the best chance of success. Contact us for more information about our fertility services. We are honored to guide patients on the journey to grow their families.