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Mariah Markle, DVM, Embryologist

Mariah Markle, DVM, is a part of Ovation Fertility’s embryology team

Mariah Markle, DVMA native of Baton Rouge, LA, Dr. Markle is a member of Ovation Fertility’s embryology team at Fertility Answers in our Baton Rouge IVF lab as an embryologist.

Markle attended LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in May 2021. Dr. Markle developed a passion for assisted reproductive technologies (ART) while working several years in the animal ART lab at the School of Veterinary Medicine. She has been co-author on peer-reviewed abstracts and manuscripts that have been presented at national and international meetings.

Markle is excited about using her laboratory skills to help our patients build families. In her free time Mariah enjoys horseback riding, cooking, and gardening.