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Fertility Insurance

Understanding your fertility insurance benefits

Men and women who need fertility care are often surprised to learn that their insurance benefits don’t cover this type of treatment. Fertility insurance can be confusing, which is why our Louisiana fertility center works hand-in-hand with you to understand your benefits and take advantage of all available discounts and financing options available to you.

Despite the fact that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has formally defined infertility as a “disease,” most managed-care insurance plans still do not cover fertility treatments, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). Some states have mandated that insurers pay for necessary fertility treatment, but at this time, Louisiana’s fertility insurance laws are somewhat more limited.

Fertility insurance 101

The good news is that Louisiana’s fertility insurance laws do prohibit insurers from declining to cover treatable medical conditions solely because they cause infertility. However, the law also lists many fertility procedures and treatments that health insurance doesn’t have to cover, such as fertility medications, IVF and other assisted reproductive technology and vasectomy reversal.

As a result, few employers in our state offer comprehensive fertility insurance benefits that include the very treatments that many people need to be able to become pregnant and have a baby. Some insurance plans may cover diagnostic care to reveal the cause of infertility, but if treatment is needed, most patients are responsible for paying for it out of pocket.

At our Louisiana fertility center, we do everything we possibly can to lower the cost of your fertility treatment, maximize the use of any fertility insurance benefits available to you and help you take advantage of all discounts and financing options.

To make fertility treatments as cost effective as possible, our Louisiana fertility center will:

  • Create a customized treatment plan just for you that maximizes your chances of success while minimizing cost.
  • Maximize the use of all benefits available to you through your insurance plan.
  • Assist you in locating outside sources of financing so that you can get the treatment you need.
  • Ensure that you take advantage of all medication discounts available through partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Offer an annual fertility treatment grant program, Gift of Hope.

We are here to help

By creating an individualized treatment plan designed to achieve your goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, we make fertility care more accessible to everyone who needs it, with or without fertility insurance. Our goal is to help you take advantage of every cost-saving opportunity and use all available benefits wisely so that you can get the treatment you need to have the family of your dreams.

To learn more about your fertility insurance options, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Louisiana fertility center.