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Male Infertility

Our Louisiana fertility centers strive to reverse male infertility

Many couples have trouble getting pregnant. Often overlooked during initial fertility consults with obstetrical practitioners, male infertility accounts for about 40 percent of cases. That’s why we always recommend testing both partners as we begin the diagnostic process.

At Fertility Answers we understand that fertility is a sensitive subject. At our Baton Rouge and Lafayette fertility centers, we provide couples with comprehensive reproductive evaluations and treatment options. For men, this includes taking a medical history and ordering a semen analysis.

Common causes of male infertility

Male infertility can be caused by an array of factors, and the majority of abnormal semen analyses can be improved or corrected with the right guidance, support, and medical treatment. If you want to improve your chances of conceiving a healthy child, begin with having a male fertility workup to uncover the reason you can’t conceive.

  • Sperm disorders – What does it take for sperm to successfully fertilize an egg? First, the man has to have sperm. Second, the sperm has to be ejaculated. Third, the sperm has to reach and penetrate the egg. A semen analysis will help us determine your sperm count. A healthy sperm count is above 40 million, and a count of 10 million or less is considered low. Men with sperm counts between 10 and 40 million may still cause a pregnancy if the sperm has good motility, movement, and morphology, or shape.
  • Sperm production – Sperm production issues may occur due to a variety of factors including; genetic disorders, testicular trauma, diabetes and obesity. A combination of these factors may also be involved. Patients who have received chemotherapy to treat cancer and other disorders may also have compromised sperm production.
  • Sperm antibodies – You may have an immune disorder that specifically affects fertility by creating antibodies that work against the sperm.
  • Anatomical problems – Some men struggle with infertility because their reproductive organs have structural or anatomical problems. A partner urologist may diagnose a varicocele, enlarged veins inside the scrotum, that may need attention. Erectile dysfunction may keep you from getting or maintaining an erection, which can also affect fertility.

We work in conjunction with reproductive urologists if surgical intervention is needed to correct structural male infertility prior to other ART procedures.

Becoming a dad despite the difficulties

Our reproductive endocrinologists and reproductive urologists will take active steps to boost your fertility and help you become a father. There are many effective male fertility treatments, from basic IUI to intracytoplasmic sperm injection, ICSI, with IVF for men with male infertility, and sperm extraction techniques.

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