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Ashanti & Bianca – 5-Year Journey Pays Off for This LGBT Couple

Couple’s patience pays off after long, five-year fertility journey

Ashanti and Bianca began their journey to bringing a child together into this world in 2017. Little did they know it would take over 5 years to make their dream a reality.


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  • We can never thank him enough.

    Where do I begin!? Dr. Storment is a God send. My husband and I tried for a child for 2 years with no success. From the minute we met Dr. Storment was determined to make our dream come true. He was compassionate and understanding but also did not sugar coat anything. He and his team are the reason that we have our beautiful little girl. And two more embryos that are waiting for use. I recommend him to anyone who comes my way with questions and concerns.

    Katherine, via Google, February 2023

  • Dr. Chappell is the best doctor I have ever had!

    Not only did he solve our infertility issues, he was also thorough with us from the very beginning. I cannot speak more highly of the care we received on our journey, and how thankful we are to have found him.

    Jessica, via Google, November 2022

  • 5 star doctor office without a doubt!!!

    Extremely blown away how welcoming the entire staff was. Usually feel like a number at any doctor office. This staff addressed you by name, gave wonderful instructions so you were informed on wait, and what was going to happen. Dr Storment was extremely up front, to the point, knowledgeable, welcoming, extremely easy to talk to! Never felt rushed, treated amazing! I’m super excited about this journey!

    Tdun001, via Google, July 2022

  • I could never say thank you enough!

    Dr. Chappell, Grace and the ENTIRE staff are amazing. Always welcoming, take time to answer your questions, and are actually concerned with your well being and your success! So thankful for all of you. Thanks to Dr Chappell and the entire fertility answers team we are expecting the arrival of our sweet boy in January!

    Heather, via Facebook, August 2022

  • I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone here.

    I have been a patient at this clinic since 2012. We recently completed an IVF cycle which resulted in a positive pregnancy. Even though I have been seeing my OB doctor, I had a few concerns and Dr. Storment and his nurse Suzanne did not hesitate to jump on a call with me and answered all of my questions. They truly are a great team and I cannot put into words what they mean to our family.

    Deidre, via Google, December 2022

  • This was my first time ever seeing a fertility specialist.

    I immediately felt welcomed by all of the staff. Dr. Chappell and Grace have awesome insight and warm hearts! The nurses are phenomenal and knowledgeable as well. My husband and I are now expecting twins! I’m so grateful to have gone through this experience with the team at fertility answers

    Breonna, via Google, October 2022

  • We had all but given up hope of ever having a baby.

    But thankfully the Lord led us to Dr. Storment in Lafayette! He and the staff there walked us through the IVF process with so much kindness, patience, and professionalism. The way they spent so much time explaining the meds and processes made a nerve racking experience exciting and hopeful for us. The knowledge the staff has truly exhibits that they “have this down to a science”. They took every concern we had or question seriously and gave us all the information we could ever need. We are forever grateful for Fertility Answers and Dr. Storment and would recommend them 100% to anyone struggling to grow their family.

    Skye, via Facebook, December 2022

  • Fertility Answers is an absolutely amazing place in all ways.

    First and foremost, Dr. Chappell is the best! He is of course great at what he does, but also incredibly kind, funny, and always explains things in a way easy for those of us not in the reproductive field to understand. His nurse Caroline is incredibly patient and was always there for me when I had questions or concerns. The rest of his team were always quick to help me get answers to any questions and assist with scheduling and billing. Even the office itself was perfect - comfortable waiting areas and the most beautiful artwork! Our experience working with Dr Chappell was definitely hard at times but we always felt seen and heard in our conversation and appointments. I highly recommend Fertility Answers to anyone needing assistance with starting their family! We are forever grateful for Dr. Chappell and his team for helping us fulfill our dream of becoming parents!

    Alison, via Google, February 2023

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