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Alex’s Story – Freezing Her Eggs Provides Hope Before Cancer Treatment

Alex’s decision to freeze her eggs was an easy decision before starting cancer treatment.

When Alex was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in the Spring of 2023, she was just 30 years old.


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  • Dr Storment and his team are amazing!

    This little box is definitely too small for all of the words that I could share! You feel welcomed and loved every visit! Dr Storment listens to all of your concerns and answers everything thoroughly and never rushes you! He is by far the BEST Dr and I would never recommend another!! After trying for a baby for several years and having a loss in between we trusted in the process that gave us a beautiful baby girl!

    Whitley, via Google, August 2023

  • 5 star fertility clinic

    Dr. Chappell’s team in Baton Rouge went above and beyond for my husband and I. I cannot reiterate how comfortable and easy they made the entire process.

    Blair, via Google, August 2023

  • Such an amazing experience with Dr Storment’s office from the moment we walked through the door.

    The facility is beautiful and inviting. The staff is incredible beyond words. The nurses and ultrasound tech we interacted with showed so much empathy and compassion. Dr Storment’s demeanor is warm and welcoming. He is thorough, open and honest with every possible detail we may encounter and pursue during our fertility journey. We are in the beginning phase of our fertility journey but I am so confident in the choice we made by choosing Dr Storment and his amazing staff to guide us through this important step in our lives.

    Leah, via Google, July 2023

  • Dr. Storment and his staff really listen to you.

    They are incredibly informative and comforting while navigating fertility issues. They quickly become like family to you as they really care about their patients.

    Testimonial, internal survey, July 2023

    Patient Review
  • I am excited to move forward at this clinic.

    We have only had a consultation, but so far the way we have been treated is vastly different than the three other REs we’ve gone to. Dr. Chappell listens and explains thoroughly, and it seems like he genuinely cares. Most importantly, it’s obvious he knows his stuff, and he talked to us like we are human to help us understand in a comfortable way. The nurses and other staff have also been quick to respond and are super nice. Thanks for everything so far.

    Rachel, via Google, May 2023

  • My husband and I was very pleased with how intentional our doctor was.

    From the onset of our consultation, he was reviewing my medical history and game planning. He was very informative and detailed. We left our consultation with a renewed hope for our future.

    Testimonial, internal survey, June 2023

    Patient Review
  • I highly recommend Fertility Answers to anyone needing assistance with starting their family!

    Fertility Answers is an absolutely amazing place in all ways. First and foremost, Dr. Chappell is the best! He is of course great at what he does, but also incredibly kind, funny, and always explains things in a way easy for those of us not in the reproductive field to understand. His nurse Caroline is incredibly patient and was always there for me when I had questions or concerns. The rest of his team were always quick to help me get answers to any questions and assist with scheduling and billing. Even the office itself was perfect - comfortable waiting areas and the most beautiful artwork! Our experience working with Dr Chappell was definitely hard at times, but we always felt seen and heard in our conversation and appointments. We are forever grateful for Dr. Chappell and his team for helping us fulfill our dream of becoming parents!

    Alison, via Google, March 2023

  • We can never thank him enough.

    Where do I begin!? Dr. Storment is a God send. My husband and I tried for a child for 2 years with no success. From the minute we met Dr. Storment was determined to make our dream come true. He was compassionate and understanding but also did not sugar coat anything. He and his team are the reason that we have our beautiful little girl. And two more embryos that are waiting for use. I recommend him to anyone who comes my way with questions and concerns.

    Katherine, via Google, February 2023

  • We had all but given up hope of ever having a baby.

    But thankfully the Lord led us to Dr. Storment in Lafayette! He and the staff there walked us through the IVF process with so much kindness, patience, and professionalism. The way they spent so much time explaining the meds and processes made a nerve racking experience exciting and hopeful for us. The knowledge the staff has truly exhibits that they “have this down to a science”. They took every concern we had or question seriously and gave us all the information we could ever need. We are forever grateful for Fertility Answers and Dr. Storment and would recommend them 100% to anyone struggling to grow their family.

    Skye, via Facebook, December 2022

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