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Injection Instructional Videos

Injection instructional videos for IVF patient education

Injection Instruction videos

In vitro fertilization and other infertility treatment protocols often call for medications to be administered by injection. If you’re feeling emotional about this process, you are not alone! Please know that most women get used to the injections knowing that by thinking positively they may reach their ultimate goal of a baby. There are also many ways to help you conquer your injections, such as relaxation techniques, rotating the injection site and numbing the area beforehand.

These videos will provide you easy to understand overviews of how to give an injection depending on the medication you are prescribed. The two types of injections most commonly given to women who are undergoing fertility treatment are subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.  Subcutaneous injections are inserted directly into fat deposits underneath the skin, while intramuscular medications are inserted directly into the muscle.

Keep in mind the dosing instructions of the particular medicine you are prescribed and be careful when injecting. Be sure to dispose any needles into a special sharps container. And be sure to talk to your Fertility Answers doctor or nurse navigator about any extreme discomfort you may be experiencing.

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