Fertility Answers - Helping Build Families

Why Choose Fertility Answers

Seeking assistance conceiving can be a daunting prospect.

Why choose Fertility Answers? Your choice of a fertility doctor or fertility clinic can have a very significant impact on not only your success, but your overall conception experience. Here’s how we stand apart from other fertility clinics and why you should choose Fertility Answers.

Honoring Each Patient’s Unique Needs – We proudly provide compassionate, convenient and collaborative care for those individuals and couples experiencing infertility and the dream of building a family.

Integrity – Offering realistic expectations and outcomes to achieve the ultimate goal of building a family.

Knowledge – Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art, evidence-based medical treatments. We offer the convenience and capability of in-office procedures including hysterosalpingogram, uterine saline insertion, hysteroscopy, semen analysis, intrauterine insemination and blood work.

Respect and Compassion – We treat every patient as if they are the only patient at Fertility Answers.

Wired for Success – Our patients have 24/7 access to our state-of-the-art eIVF electronic medical records system. This means that at the click of a mouse you can access your lab results and treatment plans.

A True Community Partner – At Fertility Answers, our philanthropy is multi-faceted. Each year, a deserving Louisiana individual or couple receives an all-expenses paid cycle of in vitro fertilization worth thousands of dollars through the Gift of Hope program. Additionally, our annual Celebration Day has become a major collection site of baby care items for Faith House, a safe home for battered women and their children. Further, our practice sponsors many community organizations dedicated to building families, including Maddie’s Footprints, Sarah’s Laughter, and Baton Rouge Pride Fest, to name a few.