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Female Infertility Causes

Infertility in women involves a disease or condition of the reproductive system which inhibits her ability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term.

Causes of infertility in women are often related to problems with ovulation, fallopian tube blockage, endometriosis, or aging. Additionally, weight, lifestyle choices and cancer treatments can also affect fertility.

A number of factors may cause the condition, with over half of all couples having more than one cause. It is equally likely that it is a male cause as it is a female cause, approximately 35 percent each. Infertility is due to a combined problem in 20 percent of infertility cases, and unexplained in 10 percent.

In some cases, testing provides no answers to why you have not been able to conceive. Talking with a specialist or reproductive endocrinologist about your inability to conceive may allow you to benefit from the latest advances in fertility treatments.

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To obtain an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your infertility, your physician at our Louisiana fertility center will conduct an extensive evaluation of your past and present fertility status. Once your diagnosis has been established, you and your physician will then decide upon the course of treatment that’s right for you.

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