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Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction can be an important step in a woman’s journey to motherhood

If a woman struggles with infertility due to a problem with ovulation, one of our skilled Louisiana fertility specialists may recommend treatment with a fertility medication for ovulation induction. These medications can regulate or induce ovulation, and can help a woman develop a healthy pregnancy.

Understanding ovulation induction

When a woman cannot ovulate, or has challenges producing fully mature eggs, ovulation induction can significantly increase her chances of conceiving.

In general, ovulation is prompted through medications designed to work like a woman’s own hormones. Whether she takes one type of fertility medication or a combination of them depends on the cause of her ovulatory problem.

Ovulation rates and subsequent pregnancies after taking one or more of these medications depend on the woman’s diagnosis and age, as well as the presence of other factors such as underlying medical problems and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Commonly used medications for ovulation induction include:

Some ovulation inducing medications require regular monitoring, which includes ultrasounds and blood tests. The cost depends on the type of medication, the dosage and the number of ultrasound monitoring appointments. Ovulation induction has the best chance of being successful if a woman has high-quality eggs and no other causes of infertility.

Our Louisiana fertility specialists work with hopeful parents to create an individualized treatment plan that includes the ovulation induction method that will give them the best chance of taking home a healthy baby.

Increased potential for multiple births

It is important for hopeful parents to understand that fertility drugs may cause multiple births without proper monitoring. The risk of a pregnancy with multiples depends on the drug or combination of drugs being used. For example, Clomiphene Citrate rarely results in multiples, while HMG and FSH are more likely to cause multiple births.

Our Louisiana fertility specialists perform regular monitoring and take other steps to reduce the risk of multiples.

Ovulation induction is an exciting option for hopeful parents ready to start their family, and we are here to help you take the next steps.

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