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PGT-A for Embryo Selection

PGT for embryo selection may boost IVF success

One key to achieving a successful pregnancy through IVF is transferring the embryo that is most likely to develop into a healthy pregnancy and baby. Preimplantation genetic testing, or PGT-A, carefully evaluates each embryo for any chromosomal abnormalities and enables a normal embryo to be transferred. PGT-A can let you learn the sex of your baby, if you want to find out.

With PGT-A for embryo selection, available through our Louisiana IVF center, your embryos will undergo an extra screening step. Once your embryos reach the blastocyst stage, a few of their hundreds of cells are carefully removed and sent to a specialized genetics laboratory, and your embryos remain frozen at our Louisiana IVF center while you await the results.

Why choose PGT-A for embryo selection?

At the lab, geneticists will examine each of the cells, counting chromosomes and looking for abnormalities, and will correlate the results with your frozen embryos. Chromosomally normal embryos are noted in the report as euploid. Euploid embryos have a high likelihood of resulting in pregnancy and are approved for transfer.

Aneuploid embryos, which have too few or too many chromosomes, often do not develop normally, resulting in miscarriage or genetic disorders. These abnormal embryos will not be transferred. Some embryos may be marked as mosaic, meaning they have a mixture of normal and abnormal cells. Mosaic embryos have a lower chance of developing into a successful pregnancy, but it’s possible that they could develop normally if transferred.

Your fertility specialist at our Louisiana IVF center will use your PGT-A results to select and transfer one embryo that is most likely to grow into a healthy pregnancy and baby, while your remaining healthy embryos are frozen for future pregnancy attempts.

Using PGT-A for embryo selection to transfer only chromosomally normal embryos increases your chances of having a successful pregnancy and live birth.

In addition to increasing the odds of a successful IVF outcome, PGT-A can provide valuable information that may unlock the mystery of unexplained infertility and recurrent miscarriage, which may be related to chromosomal abnormalities in embryos.

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