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Affordable Fertility Care

Affordable fertility care to grow your family

Money should never stand between you and your dreams of completing your family. Our Louisiana fertility doctors are committed to doing everything we can to deliver affordable fertility care, making it possible for more families to get the targeted treatment they need to have the family they’ve always wanted.

Assisted reproductive technology typically involves extensive laboratory testing and services, expensive medications, frequent in-office monitoring and outpatient surgical procedures. We keep care affordable by providing the right diagnosis and treatment, helping you understand your insurance benefits and ensuring that you take advantage of every available opportunity for discounts and affordable financing.

We help you access affordable fertility care

For many patients, health insurance benefits cover initial visits with our Louisiana fertility doctors for diagnostic testing, such as blood work or exams. However, most insurance coverage ends at diagnosis, leaving patients to pay out-of-pocket for any necessary treatment to achieve pregnancy.

We provide affordable fertility care in several ways, helping you understand and manage the cost of your fertility treatment. Our financial coordinator is ready to assist you with securing all available discounts and savings programs, as well as financing if you need it.

  • Comprehensive fertility testing to accurately diagnose the cause of your infertility, so you don’t waste money on treatments that won’t work.
  • Custom-tailored treatment plans designed to achieve the best outcome in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest possible cost.
  • Predetermination of IVF insurance coverage, with detailed estimates to help you understand exactly what is or is not covered by insurance.
  • Patient financing with one of our fertility financing partners to lessen the financial burden of fertility treatment.
  • Financial assistance for fertility medication through medication discounts.
  • Access to third-party providers of multi-cycle IVF discounts.
  • Our infertility experts will provide a FREE second opinion consultation for any patient who has seen another reproductive endocrinologist in the past 6 months and would like a second opinion.
  • The Gift of Hope IVF Grant program awards a free IVF cycle to a deserving couple each year.

A caring team here to assist you

Our compassionate team is here to assist you throughout the process, reducing the stress associated not just with infertility, but with the complex financial aspects of your treatment. To learn more about how to access affordable fertility care, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our Louisiana fertility doctors.