Infertility Testing Before Treatment

You may be wondering what type of infertility testing you and your partner may have do prior to fertility treatment?

Many doctors agree that men and women go too long before seeking an accurate diagnosis. No matter what your fertility concerns, open communication is vital as you seek answers to help you have a baby. You may have concerns about your own infertility risk factors, as well as possible tests, and modes of treatment. You may wonder if your male partner is the reason you are unable to get pregnant.

008_1265_smDue to the obvious differences in female and male anatomy, infertility testing is unique for each partner. Some testing is typically required of all fertility patients while others may be prescribed given the symptoms and signs. At your consultation, your doctor will review your medical history with you and determine which tests are appropriate while keeping in mind that not every fertility test will be necessary.

Before your appointment, write down any questions you have in a small notebook. Bring this notebook with you to your first appointment, and talk with your doctor about your concerns. Before infertility testing begins, you and your partner should talk openly with the doctor about time and money. If you have a budget and set time limit for fertility treatments, let your doctor and the financial counselor know this up front.

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