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Candidates for Egg Freezing

Our Baton Rouge and Lafayette fertility centers help determine whether you are a candidate for egg freezing

At Fertility Answers, we know that many women who want a baby also need or want to delay pregnancy. If you’re in your late 20s or 30s and want to get pregnant with control over pregnancy timing, consider cryopreservation, a fertility treatment available at our Baton Rouge and Lafayette fertility centers. It can be an attractive fertility treatment for personal, medical, or religious and ethical reasons. We can help you determine if you’re a candidate for egg freezing.

Candidates for egg freezing share these common traits

Egg freezing might make sense for several personal reasons. If you want a baby, but lack a life partner or your partner isn’t ready to commit to a pregnancy, egg freezing will let you preserve your eggs while your fertility is at its peak. You can choose to fertilize thawed eggs when you and your partner are ready for pregnancy.

Perhaps you need time to pursue educational, career or other goals before taking on the added responsibilities of starting a family or adding a child. Egg freezing accommodates your needs.

For religious or ethical reasons, some couples may object to storing frozen embryos. You may have decided to use in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive a child and may want to freeze extra eggs for future IVF cycles instead of embryos. This provides another chance at becoming pregnant without going through a cycle of ovarian stimulation and you may choose to fertilize only as many eggs as needed for IVF. The remaining unfertilized eggs can be safely kept for future IVF cycles.

The practice of egg freezing originated to help those who, unfortunately, face a cancer diagnosis. Chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer treatments can destroy eggs and cause infertility, but freezing eggs before getting treatments ensures the availability of viable eggs after treatments. At our Baton Rouge and Lafayette fertility centers, we’ll consider your age, cancer type and treatment approach to explore what’s possible and best for you.

Cancer isn’t the only medical reason that may lead you to consider egg freezing. It may also be appropriate if:

  • Severe endometriosis or other diseases are affecting your ovaries
  • Women in your family have a history of early menopause
  • You’re taking medicines for lupus or rheumatoid arthritis; these can hurt ovarian function.

Our Baton Rouge and Lafayette fertility centers are here to help

At Fertility Answers, we’re happy to discuss any reasons you may have to consider egg freezing. We encourage you to know when to freeze eggs and realize that:

  • The process is not considered experimental.
  • Worldwide, thousands of babies have been born after egg freezing with a rate of normal births comparable to that for the general population.
  • Long-term storage of frozen eggs (as long as 10 years) is viable

If you might be a candidate for egg freezing, please contact us.