The Fertility Answers Podcast

the fertility answers podcastThe Fertility Answers Podcast is dedicated to helping you navigate your fertility journey!

Join expert reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists John Storment, M.D. and Neil Chappell, M.D. and some of their patients for in-depth looks into fertility topics. Each episode tackles a new subject in the realm of fertility diagnosis and treatment. The Fertility Answers Podcast is your answer to all the common questions you have as you navigate your own fertility journey. Be sure to check back here for future episodes.

Episode 5: Misconceptions, Fears and Barriers to IVF

In this episode, join Dr. Neil Chappell and Dr. John Storment as they hash out some of the top misconceptions, fears and barriers to IVF that they hear on a regular basis from patients. During this candid discussion the doctors tackle tough patient concerns like the fear of creating too many embryos, having twins or more, being off-the-charts hormonal from the stimulation drugs, and worries that IVF is a really long process. They also deliberate misconceptions on insurance coverage, the fear of being swindled by unnecessary procedures, and wrap it up with a discussion of alternative IVF therapies that patients regularly bring up. If you are considering IVF as your next step in your infertility journey, this is one episode not to miss!

Episode 4: It’s About Time(ing)!

What do you do when your partner’s job only allows him limited time for family planning, especially when you have fertility issues. In this episode we introduce you to Heather who is young and newly married and wanting to start a family, but has two very real issues to deal with: numerous recurring uterine fibroids needing surgery and a husband whose career leaves him little flexibility. Listen as she details her decision processes for fibroid removal surgery and her expectations for subsequent fertility treatment timing.

Episode 3: Decisions, Decisions!

In this episode, we invite you to walk in another infertile couple’s shoes as they discuss their decision-making process to go straight to IVF and what they did to keep sane during treatment. After Bre’s diagnosis of lean PCOS, she and husband Cameron came to the decision to bypass other treatment options for one they felt offered more assurances. Learn how they found support when their infertility was a total secret to friends and family and how they made their journey fun to get them through to their final “reveal” on social media. Now the parents to a beautiful little girl conceived through IVF, the couple reveals the unique ways they were able to make their journey to parenthood just as memorable as someone doing it the “natural” way.

Episode 2: Let’s Get Busy!

It takes two to tango, and in this frank discussion we pull back the covers on the myths surrounding how to have sex to get pregnant. In this episode reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists Neil Chappell, M.D., and John Storment, M.D., both of Fertility Answers, get into the nitty-gritty of how often, when and how a couple trying to conceive should have sex. You might just be surprised at the answers! Listen as the doctors discuss the right way to time intercourse to optimize your chances of catching your window of ovulation, how often you should be having sex, if position matters, and how to interpret the results of ovulation predictor kits in the right way.

Episode 1: Demystifying the First Visit

In our first episode, meet expert reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists John Storment, M.D. and Neil Chappell, M.D. of Fertility Answers, a fertility practice focused on helping build families. “Demystifying the First Visit” outlines what this first visit with a fertility doctor might look like, highlighting the discussions you should expect to have with the physician and the possible tests that will provide answers and direction for future treatment. We want to demystify the journey and de-stigmatize fertility conversations once and for all.