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Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

Endometrial receptivity analysis improves pregnancy rates with in vitro fertilization

About 3 in every 10 in vitro fertilization patients experience a condition where their endometrium, or the lining of the uterus, is more receptive to embryo implantation on days either before or after what is normal treatment protocol. Endometrial receptivity analysis, ERA, is a good choice for any patient who wants to maximize the chances of an IVF pregnancy. It is also a good choice for those patients who have experienced repeated implantation failures with good quality embryos.

Our Louisiana fertility clinic uses endometrial receptivity analysis with in vitro fertilization. Specifically, endometrial receptivity analysis can determine the best day and hour for your embryo transfer by identifying the moment your uterine lining is most receptive. This personalized timing is proven to increase your chances of bringing home a baby.

A small endometrial biopsy can determine the best day for your embryo transfer

Endometrial receptivity analysis involves testing the lining of your uterus during a mock, or pretend, embryo transfer cycle. During this mock cycle, you will prepare your uterine endometrial lining by taking progesterone. After 5 full days of taking progesterone, a small biopsy of your endometrium is taken to genetically test the lining. Once your endometrium’s genetic profile is determined, our fertility specialists will receive a report detailing the optimum time for you to receive an embryo during a real transfer.

A receptive result indicates that the moment the biopsy was taken was the optimal transfer time to allow embryo implantation. A non-receptive result indicates that the endometrium is either pre- or post-receptive. In this case, a new, personalized window of implantation will be indicated.

If you have implantation failures or just want to maximize your chances of conception during in vitro fertilization, ask the physicians at our Louisiana fertility clinic if endometrial receptivity analysis is right for you.