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Free Second Opinion

Before committing to treatment at another clinic, consider getting a free second opinion

free second opinion

Our Louisiana fertility center team is committed to the success of any patient having trouble conceiving. Sometimes a change of venue and a different treatment approach may be what is needed to having a successful outcome. Fertility Answers will offer, at no charge, a 30-minute telemedicine or in-person consult to review your medical history, work-up and current treatment options (if any) and make suggestions and/or recommendations that could increase the likelihood of bringing home a baby.

Take advantage of a 30-minute free second opinion consultation with absolutely no obligations or strings attached

Our infertility experts will provide consultation for any patient who has seen a reproductive endocrinologist in the past 6 months and would like a second opinion. They will also spend time with you reviewing your medical history and past testing and treatment to help you better understand the causes of your infertility and your treatment options. The free second opinion consultation does not include an exam, ultrasound or labs.

To schedule the free 30-minute second opinion consultation, simply:

  • Contact us at 888-467-2229 to schedule
  • Let us know you would like a 30-minute free second opinion consultation
  • Download the appropriate medical release form from our website and send it to your previous reproductive endocrinologist to request a copy of your medical records. Please note that it typically takes two weeks for a physician’s office to send the medical records. Medical records must be received prior to your appointment with Fertility Answers
  • Bring any medical records you have with you to the consultation

Depending on the completeness of the information you can provide, your free second opinion consultation may:

  • Help you understand what your infertility issues are
  • Assess if any additional fertility tests are necessary
  • Evaluate your current fertility treatment plan
  • Help you set realistic goals and expectations
  • Propose a fertility treatment plan that best suits your situation

Our mission is to help patients build families and the Fertility Answers family is fully committed to your success of bringing home a baby. Contact us at 888-467-2229 to get started today.