Family Building Options for Same-Sex Couples

Our Southern Louisiana fertility center is proud to serve same-sex couples in their quest to build families.

lgbt same sex couplesFamilies come in all shapes and sizes and Fertility Answers is happy to be the clinic of choice in Southern Louisiana for same-sex couples. Our fertility center embraces all patients, regardless of sexual orientation, gender preference, or marital status offering innovative treatments and a network of sperm banks and egg donor agencies that will help you to reach your goal of becoming a parent. We are proud of the fact that we have helped so many of our patients in the LGBT community to create families.

To Dr. S and his amazing staff: We could never thank you guys enough for all your help! You never judged us or looked at us any differently for wanting a family of our own! Ya’ll will always have a special place in our hearts! All our love, Loni, Alli and Demi

Louisiana Laws that Affect Same-Sex Family Building

Family building for same-sex couples in Louisiana has changed considerably with a Louisiana law that took effect in August 2016. This law sets up a legal framework for surrogate/gestational carrier arrangements to protect both the carrier and the intended parents. However, the language of the law can be problematic for nontraditional intended parents, especially gay men looking to build a family. It defines the intended parents as a “man and a woman,” preventing same-sex couples from using surrogacy to become parents. The bill further requires that the embryo used in surrogacy come from the egg and sperm of the intended parents, precluding same-sex couples as well as singles or heterogenous intended parents who are unable to produce

Louisiana expressly prohibits the sale of genetic material, and therefore the “sale” of a human ovum (egg) or sperm is prohibited. However, donors can be compensated for their time and discomfort throughout the donation process. This allows the donation process to be relatively easy in Louisiana. The parties need an egg donation or sperm donation contract which explains the parental rights and protects all the parties involved.

For lesbian couples who are married, the non-biological parent can complete an Intrafamily Adoption six months after the birth of the child. The couple must be legally married in any state. It is a complicated process but can be done statewide now.

An expert in Louisiana reproductive law, our preferred reproductive legal counsel Amy Kern of Beginning Families will help you navigate the egg or sperm donation contracts as well as Intrafamily Adoptions.