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Support During Your Journey

We provide options for support along your infertility journey

support during your journeyParenthood is one of the major transitions in adult life for both men and women. But, when a couple finds they are unable to become parents without significant medical intervention, emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, marital problems, sexual dysfunction, and social isolation can occur. Additionally, patients often feel helpless by the underlying medical problems that are out of their control.

But there are ways to overcome these emotions and feelings of being out of control. Oftentimes it is just a matter of understanding the biology behind your infertility that can propel you to make changes for the better. Other times, it can be the help of a counselor or dietitian who can provide a plan to eat healthier or overcome anxiety to set you on the right track. Or it could be a network of online “sisters” who are going through the same diagnosis and emotions that you are. Whatever way you choose to confront the adversities during your journey, we are here to support you too.

We work with outside counselors, nutritionists and support groups who can provide support and boost your outlook

Now might be a great time to tweak your nutrition, mind or movement program. Consider reaching out to these partners who work with our patients:

  • Eat Healthier: We love Rachel Brandeis, RD, a registered dietician who does a great job with coaching our patients about diet and healthy choices. She has an amazing app that really helps take the confusion out of determining what is okay to eat. You can find more information about her program at her website.
  • Think Healthier: Monica Moore, RN, who has over 20 years experience as an infertility nurse educator, has been helping many of our patients with life coaching options. She offers ways to decrease stress, prepare your mind and body for the infertility journey and pregnancy ahead, or ways to help you break habits that may no longer be helpful or may be keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself. She offers both private and group sessions. If you are interested in setting up a session with Monica, go to her website to schedule an initial coaching session.
  • Join an Online Support Group: There are many online support groups available. Check out RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association for a list of support groups you can consider joining.
  • Mental Health Support: We partner with local mental health professionals if the problems you are facing seem too big for you to handle alone. In Lafayette and the Acadiana area, our partners are Elizabeth Mayers, LCSW-BACS, BCD, and Stacy Williams, MSW, LCSW, both of Mayers Mental Health. In the Baton Rouge area, we recommend our patients to Baton Rouge Perinatal Group where counselors Samantha Rauber, LPC and Elizabeth Vivian, LPC, among others, focus their practice on depression, anxiety, infertility/miscarriages and postpartum depression. We also endorse the practice of Kimberly Allen Counseling located in Denham Springs, and Cathy Gaston, LCSW in Baton Rouge. Whoever you choose, they can provide you the emotional support you need as you go along your infertility journey.

Fertility Answers is committed to partner with you during this journey no matter how long it takes or how complicated it might feel. By offering these additional services, we hope to help you find ways to cope with the stress of infertility as you journey to become parents.