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Be inspired by these reviews, testimonials and letters from our patients

Our greatest achievements are recognized by the many positive reviews, birth announcements, testimonials, letters and photos that we receive from our patients whom we have helped to become the parents they always longed to be. We love seeing these patient success reviews!

The thoughtful patient success reviews below are just a few of the ones we receive on a regular basis. Also, explore our patient reviews on these platforms:

GoogleEverything about my experience at fertility answers was phenomenal. The staff members are all so friendly and welcoming, Dr. Storment and Renee were AMAZING! Renee truly makes you feel like you are there one-on-one. She calls you personally with results and concerns. They were not pushy with treatments and were very open to hear your wants and opinions! 100% will recommend fertility answers to anyone who sets out on this journey.

— Rebekah, via Google, October 2022

FertilityIQAs someone who dealt with negative pregnancy tests for over 5 years with no explanation, Doctor Storment was a godsend. At our first consult he was so kind and eager to help us get to the root cause of what was going on. After being diagnosed, he was quick to help us make a plan to grow our family. He is always so patient with us and is very informative about each step of the process, which is super important with any type of fertility treatment. No matter how many messages I sent in my patient portal, he was always quick to respond or have a team member reach out to me. Seriously cannot sing his praises enough! Top notch care, hands down.

— Anonymous review, 2022

GoogleExtremely blown away how welcoming the entire staff was. Usually feel like a number at any doctor office. This staff addressed you by name, gave wonderful instructions so you were informed on wait, and what was going to happen. Dr Storment was extremely up front, to the point, knowledgeable, welcoming, extremely easy to talk to! Never felt rushed, treated amazing! 5 star doctor office without a doubt!!! I’m super excited about this journey!

— Tdun001, via Google, July 2022

FertilityIQDr. Chappell is a very compassionate doctor. He truly gets to know each of his patients and seems genuinely invested in their well-being. While our road has been long, and we still are not at the end of our journey, he has committed to sticking with us, adjusting course when needed, and seeing us through to each outcome (for better, or for worse). He stays very up-to-date on the latest research and, when warranted, tries to apply the latest research to his practice.

— Anonymous review, 2022

GoogleWhere do I begin.. it took me 4 1/2 years to get pregnant. Before I saw Dr. Storment, I went to 2 different fertility clinics in Houston and did 3 full rounds. All with the same results a bunch of eggs and a bunch of embroys but with no success. I thought I was in the best hands bc these clinic were supposedly the #2 in the country to help you get pregnant. Nothing was technically wrong with me, I ovulated and had a normal cycle. Finally I decided to try Dr Storment, he reviewed my complete file and told me we were going to focus on quality and not quantity. The other clinics made me feel like an ant. Dr Storment treats all of his patients specific to them and their unique situation. He even cared about my thyroid, which the other clinics did not. Needless to say, with Dr Storment I only had 7 eggs instead of 19 and 4 embroys instead of 8 and all came back normal!! Now I have two beautiful boys!!! Do not let the number 1 or the number 2 clinic trip you up. It’s a numbers game!! Save yourself the money and time and go see Dr Storment!!!!

— Joany, via Google, July 2022

Briggs, born May 2022Fertility Answers team – Thanks again for your expertise, support, professionalism, and efforts to help us make our beautiful son! We are forever grateful!

— Michelle & Tara, parents to Briggs born May 2022


FacebookDoctor Storment and his entire team create an environment of peace and positivity for all patients. We are so grateful to have found Fertility Answers and would definitely recommend them to anyone needing help trying to conceive. They are truly there for you every step of the way!

— DeDe, via Facebook, August 2022

GoogleWords can not describe how amazing Dr.Chappell and staff is. He is knowledgeable, takes time to answer questions, excellent bedside manner. Always finding a way to achieve a successful pregnancy with us. Took his time. Dr.Chappell staff and nurses always call back when needed some help. The nurses took time explain everything. Our little boy is 3 weeks ago. Thank you to Dr.Chappell and staff! We now have this precious baby boy!!

— Jessica, via Google, April 2022

GoogleWhat a great IVF experience! Cannot thank Dr. Chappell and his team enough for their great efforts to help us start our family. Everyone in the office was professional and courteous throughout our journey. Dr. Chappell is the best combination of well read (evidence based), with an equally wonderful bedside manner. He guided us through our work up for infertility and allowed us to make the best decisions in our own time. He was prepared to answer any questions we had and even offered us a second opinion at one point. As a physician myself, offering a second opinion shows how skilled and confident you are in your practice. Needless to say, we never needed a second opinion. Our treatment plan was individualized and we never felt like we were being pushed through a protocol. We are forever grateful for Dr. Chappell and his expertise in fertility, as we sit here holding our precious 2.5 week old baby boy.

— Meghan, via Google, February 2022

Mairin GraceDear Dr. Conway and staff,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you all for the loving care you provided to me during my journey with infertility and IVF. Everyone was so kind to me – Blanche always had a smile, Lauren was so supportive when doing the ultrasounds, and Freida always answered all my questions. You all are doing a great service to the women in this community as they struggle with trying to have a child. My precious daughter arrived in May and I truly consider her a miracle baby. She has completed our family and given me a love and happiness that I did not think was possible. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything. I will not forget all the kindness you showed me. 

— Dr. Molly Thomas, mom to Mairin Grace born May 2020

Amelie RoseMeet our sweet girl, Amelia Rose. She surprised us 3 weeks early, born perfectly healthy at a weight of 5lb 4oz. We would like to personally thank Dr. Chappell, Julia, Caroline, Simone, along with everyone else that helped us build our family! The past year and a half has been filled with many ups and downs, but we are so thankful for the amazing staff at Fertility Answers who helped us along the way! Everyone was so very compassionate and supportive! We will be back soon for baby #2! 

Tiffani & Jacob, parents to Amelia, born March 2021


My experience with Fertility Answers was great. Dr. Conway and the staff were wonderful and informative. My first appointment was in November and the last appointment was in February. From start to finish it was about 4 month process. I got pregnant on my first IUI cycle. This is my first pregnancy and I chose to become a single parent. I did not have a history of infertility issues or any conditions that were identified that may have caused problems.

June, via Google, January 2021


I will always recommend Dr. Chappell to anyone seeking fertility medical advice or fertility treatments. He was the only doctor that I felt listened to my concerns. When I wanted to find the cause of my infertility, he said okay. He advised me on my treatment options too, but when I voiced my concerns about having a pituitary gland tumor he listened. After an MRI proved I had one and medication didn’t work, he was there to guide me through the process of getting it removed with a neurosurgeon. I never felt alone any step of the way. Before brain surgery I did an egg retrieval and laying on the table I started to get anxious. He stroked my arm and helped me breathe through until I fell asleep. I will never forget his compassion. When I asked for more tests before transferring my one of two embryos, we talked about it. He has never dismissed a question or a feeling. He has always answered with not just science but with compassion for me as a infertility patient and mom grieving miscarriage and the loss of what infertility took from me in 5 years of ttc. I’m happy to say my first transfer worked and I’m a couple weeks away from delivering our rainbow IVF baby girl. I look forward to seeing Dr. Chappell again for our next embryo transfer when we are ready!

Jenn, via Facebook, January 2021


I would definitely recommend Fertility Answers. Infertility is a hard journey but Dr. Storment and his staff make you feel so supported through every step of the way. IVF is a long process and involves a number of visits over a period of time but the staff become like family to you. I felt like Dr. Storment & his staff were just as invested in a positive outcome as I was. The excitement that they had when we got the positive news is something that I will truly never forget. We cannot thank them enough for making our dream of becoming parents come true. A special shout out to Dr. Storment, Caroline, Julia and Grace! I couldn’t have made it through the process without them!

Brooke, via Facebook, January 2021

Lily born October 2020

Amazing! I am so grateful to Dr. Chappell (giver of awesome high fives) and everyone else at the Fertility Answers office in Baton Rouge. We were having trouble conceiving and the diagnosis was tricky but Dr. Chappell had a plan. Our first IUI was a success and our baby girl was born in October. Special shoutout to Julia for following up and to Blanche for getting blood out of me when my veins seemed drier than the Sahara. Honestly everyone was so awesome. This was hands down the best medical office I’ve ever gone to for anything. I always felt I was in good hands and trusted them completely.

Stephanie, mom to Lily, born October 2020

Kayla & Ainsley's Story

Dr. Storment and his team were amazing! They made our dreams come true of being parents! We recently had a sweet baby girl! It was not an easy route and it was our third attempt, but each attempt got us a little closer than we were before. Dr. Storment really took the time to look at and adjust my case each time. One time his team even came in on an off day for a transfer because my uterus needed a few days to get a little thicker and be more optimal for success. I can not say enough good things about this team! They really care about you as an individual and are invested in your family.

Kayla & Ainsley, proud parents of Arya, born April 2020

Liam born December 2019

Dr. Chappell and staff.

There really are no words to describe how grateful we are to the entire staff who worked so compassionately hard to help us bring our beautiful son into this world. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Billy & Tiffany, proud parents of Liam, born December 2019

I don’t know what we would have done without the help of Dr. Conway and her amazing team. They were patient, answered all of our questions, and were very quick with calling us back! Thanks to them we have our sweet baby boy!

Danielle via Facebook Reviews, January 2020

Dear Dr. Storment and everyone at Fertility Answers,

There aren’t enough words in the world to describe just how thankful we are to you guys for helping us along the way to becoming parents to the most perfect little blessing. Atlas arrived in August 2019 and we still can’t believe he’s real and how much of a miracle he really is, our one and only viable embryo. We want to thank Dr. Storment and both his Baton Rouge and Lafayette teams for getting me to the point of being pain free from my endometriosis back in 2016 so that I was able to move forward with IVF and carry this little guy. We are FOREVER THANKFUL for it all!! Our 7-1/2 year journey was with it all to get to HIM!!!

Chelsie & Nick, parents of Atlas born August 2019

Cooper born June 2019

Dr. Conway & Staff,

Words cannot express our gratitude! Everyone has been simply amazing throughout our IVF journey. You made a very hard, stressful time that much better. You made us feel very comfortable and gave us hope. We really believe that God worked through you all to give us our little miracle! We cannot thank you enough for what you all do and will forever grateful to everyone! Here is a photo of the sweet and perfect boy you helped us create. He is such a blessing and has brought such joy to us!

Brittany & Derrick, parents of Cooper, born June 2019

bennett and beckett

Dr. Storment and Staff,

Thank you so much for helping make our dreams come true! Our perfect boys were born February 2019 at 38 weeks and 1 day. The entire pregnancy was smooth and easy. We are so thankful for you and your staff guiding us through the whole IVF process. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Kyle & Brittany, parents of Bennett & Beckett, born February 2019

fertility answers baby patient testimonial

I have been meaning to send you guys pictures of our little angel for so long now, but it has been a crazy last 7 months! Since we had Smith, we’ve just recently got the surprise of a lifetime…WE ARE PREGNANT!! Of course it was a complete shock, especially after everything we went through, but we are so very happy! I’ve heard stories like this all of the time, but could have never expected this. I mostly wanted to give Dr. Storment and the whole team a very big THANK YOU for making all of our dreams come true. Being a mom is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had and one I know in my soul I was made for. It could not have been possible without you all.

Nichole, mom of Smith, born March 2019

We felt confident we were in the right place from our very first visit to Fertility Answers. Every single staff member was knowledgeable, helpful and empathetic. They were able to quickly create a treatment plan that led us to our baby boy! My favorite memory from Fertility Answers is how excited they were and celebrated with us when we got out positive pregnancy test. We are so thankful!!

Danielle via Google, October 2019

Fertility Answers is full of incredible people! They truly care for their patients and will root for you every step of the way. They’re always available to answer your questions or address any concerns. Each appointment you’ll see office workers, nurses, and doctors who are genuinely happy to see you and who care how you’re doing. Their passion for building families is evident through each step of the individualized care they provide. While I never wanted to experience infertility I feel blessed that I had Fertility Answers right there to help! So grateful for all that they have done for my family.

Hannah via Google, August 2019

Thank you, Dr Chappell for our sweet boy!! We would not be here without you!! We will forever be grateful for you and all the time you spent with us working to find out what was going on! Thank you again! We are so beyond blessed.

Cassidy via Facebook, August 2019

Dear Dr. Storment,

Thank you so much for helping me and my husband in making our dream come true in welcoming a new baby into our family. While I had two children from a previous marriage, my husband had no children. I just turned 40 this year and we had to go through IVF, but are very glad and grateful that we did and had the opportunity with only one normal embryo. Nicholas was born June 2018 and although he was early, he is healthy. We are so thrilled and excited to be parents of this precious little baby boy. We are so grateful for all you and your staff did to help us on this journey. Thanks so much!

Jackie & Mehrdad, parents of Nicholas born June 2018

fertility answers baby book

To Dr. Storment & the Fertility Answers Team,

Just wanted to send a simple thank you for all the support given to us as we worked to create a family. We would not be awarded the title of parents without you all! We are honored to introduce our girl Allie!

Katie & Trent, parents of Allie born June 2018

Dr. Conway is a wonderful doctor – very knowledgeable with a much needed bedside manner. Thanks to her, we have our little boy who is almost ten years old. She was located in Atlanta when she was my physician, but wherever she is, her patients are lucky to get to work with her! Thank you, Dr. Conway! I think about you very often!

Shana, via Facebook, July 2018

Fertility Answers and staff are beyond amazing! I cannot thank them enough for the confidence and hope they have given me. I am so grateful to them! They are like family to us. I highly recommend them. Can’t say enough great things!

Jehana, via Facebook, June 2018

Fertility Answers patient success reviews

Dr. Storment and Staff,

We thank y’all so much with all our hearts! There is no doubt that God led us straight to you. We thank Him everyday for our tiny piece of heaven…our miracle! We will forever be thankful for y’all!

With lots of love, Erica, John and Jaxton (born November 2017)

fertility answers patient reviews

Dr. Storment, Dr. Conway and Staff,

Thank you all so much for everything y’all have done for us over the years. Everett was due in September, but made his arrival in August. He is a very happy and healthy baby!

Love, Chase, Samantha and Everett (born August 2017)

fertility answers patient success dr john storment

Dr. Storment & Staff,

Thank you so much for helping us get our little miracle, Betsy Grace. She was IUI #3 success! We feel so blessed to have been able to be treated at your office. You were all wonderful! I would recommend your office to anyone having infertility!

P.S. Hopefully I’ll see you at some running races in Lafayette 🙂

Thanks again, Lisa, Nick, William & Betsy Grace (born January 2017)

Dr. Conway & Staff,

In March 2017 we welcomed our boy/girl twins into this world. We would like to thank you and the entire staff for providing excellent, compassionate and professional help on making our dreams of having a family become reality.

Love, the Nelson Family (twins Tate and Paisley, born March 2017)

Dr. Storment, Dr. Conway & Staff, I just wanted to thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I knew from the time I was a little girl playing with dolls that my one goal in life was to be a mom. Little did I know that I would go through 7 years of infertility, 5 IUIs, one extremely hard miscarriage and two beautiful successful pregnancies to grow our family. I would take every single step and drive every single mile (400 round trip) over again. God led me straight to you guys. You are all wonderful and compassionate. Thank you for helping me to grow my family, my everything.

Margo, mom to Sawyer (born December 2013) and Anna (born September 2017)

Thank you all so much for everything you have done for us in the last four years! We are extremely blessed to have three beautiful, healthy babies, and are already wanting another…in a few years!!

Emily & Trey, proud parents of Max, Lucy and Roselyn

So thankful for Dr. Conway and her staff! We had our sweet baby boy, Theodore, on October 11, 2016 and will eternally be grateful! As stressful as fertility issues are, the whole Fertility Answers team always made things a little less stressful and were so supportive through the entire process! Our baby boy just had his first birthday and we are thankful everyday for our sweet little guy! Thank you again!

Sarah, via Facebook, October 2017

Dr. Storment & Staff,

We are so thankful to you and everyone at your office for the miracle you’ve help bring into our lives! Words aren’t enough to express our joy. The trips back and forth, the needles, and the emotional ups and downs were worth it. Thank you for your patience and expertise in our journey.

William & Diana, proud parents of Mary Grace, born July 2016

Dr. Conway was the 9th doctor (5th specialist) I have seen over the course of four years in regards to my infertility/inability to carry brought on by my PCOS and endometriosis, and has been the first to give us true hope. After having just one appointment with her, when I reached my car to leave, I broke down into tears; not because I was sad, but because I felt this immense sense of relief. She was the first person to flat out tell me that our miscarriages were not my fault. It was like a weight was lifted off my chest. She genuinely cares about her patient’s emotional struggle, while other specialists just focus on the facts and medicine.
In addition, the staff is friendly and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. My husband is very traditional and isn’t usually comfortable in this sort of environment, but the staff even managed to make him feel at ease. This place is a safe haven, and has changed our lives. Definitely worth the 2 hour one way drive! I haven’t been back in recent months due to a family emergency, but we are eager to return very soon for continued treatment! Thank you, Fertility Answers!

Emily, via Facebook March 2017

Thank you all for everything y’all have done throughout this whole process. Ya’ll made the difficult times a little bit easier. We welcomed our baby boy into the world at 36 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia. He had to spend a week in NICU, but is a healthy little chunk now. He is the biggest blessing we could have ever gotten.

Ashley & Julian, proud parents of Jayce, born September 2016

Dr. Storment, We just wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve done in helping us have our little miracle. You and your staff made our whole IVF process straight forward, easy and unintimidating. Everyone was so knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. We are beyond happy with our precious baby. We are so in love and can’t thank you enough for helping us accomplish starting our family.

Cristina & Stephen, proud parents of baby Era, born August 2016


“Dr. Storment and staff, Words will never be able to express how grateful we are for everything that ou have done for us. Liam is such a blessing and we can’t imagine life without him. And all of you guys played a HUGE part in that blessing being given to us. You have the BEST staff and we love all of you! Thank you so much!”

Fallon & Nat, proud parents of Liam, born January 2016


“Dr. Conway & Staff, We would like to thank each and every one of you who had a hand in making our dreams come true! Everyone was always so professional and encouraging. The IVF process can be so overwhelming but we never felt like just another patient or a number! We count our blessings everyday that this worked for us on our first try!”

Jennifer & Blake, proud parents of Brooks, born January 2016

fertility answers success story

“Dr. Conway and staff, Thank you for being such a big part in this very special and memorable time in our life. We had such a great experience and were treated so nicely. We feel so blessed to have received our precious gift from God – thank you for being part of it.”  

Laney & Joe, proud parents of Clara, born November 2015.

fertility answers

“Thank you all so much for helping make our dreams of having a baby come true. Lucas and I are very thankful for what you do. Without your help and without God, little Josie would not be here. We serve an awesome God and He is still answering prayers and performing miracles. We thank Him daily for our little miracle. I pray that you will be blessed as you continue to help couples like us make their dreams come true of having a family. Josie is a healthy, happy little girl that has brought so much joy and love into our lives. She is such a blessing to us. We hope and pray that we can conceive baby #2 on our own, but if not we will be back to see you. Thanks again for all your help. May God bless you and your staff.”

Tonya & Lucas, proud parents of Josie, born December 2015


“Thank you feels like just words in comparison to the gratitude we feel in our hearts for you and your amazing team. We are the proud parents to a beautiful baby girl and our hearts are so full. We feel so lucky to have found such an amazing physician who cares so deeply for each and every patient. You and your entire staff are such a pleasure to work with. The care and support provided to us by each and every member of your staff we encountered was second to none. Thank you from the bottom of our hears for everything you’ve done through our journey to parenthood. We look forward to coming to see you all again when we are ready to try for baby number 2.”

Bryce & Adriana, proud parents of Everly, born November 2015


“Thank you for helping us welcome our sweet Maxwell Lincoln into this world. He is the greatest and most precious blessing we have ever received. The joy is unmeasurable. Thank you all and God bless you!”

Rebecca, proud mom to Maxwell, born October 2015


“We hope you all had a merry Christmas. Please tell everyone hello and that I hope to see you all very soon! Thank you all for even making this holiday FAMILY card even possible.”

Anne and Brian, parents of Darby, born December 2014


“Words cannot express how thankful we are for all of your help creating our little miracle! It took 6-1/2 years for us to get here but she was worth the wait. Dr. Storment, we realize how lucky we are that our first at IVF worked, but realize it was your expertise as well. And Suzanne was always there to answer questions. All the staff was wonderful! From the bottom of our hearts, thanks!”

Jeanne & Wade and daughter Blakely, born August 2015


“Thank you for all that you have done for us. Because of you, we welcomed our bundles of joy into this world on September 8th. We are truly grateful for these miracles. You have been such a blessing in our life!”

Angie & Jonathan and twins Carson and Carley, born September 2014


“Wow!!! Where do I begin…words cannot express how grateful I am for all that you have done for me throughout the years! Infertility is a very difficult thing to face, financially and emotionally. You and your dedicated staff are so great to work with and make this struggle a little easier. After having a successful IVF cycle in 2007, my husband and I decided to try for baby #2 late last year. We underwent another round of IVF in November and to our surprise – it worked! I am proud to announce that we welcomed Luke Ryan in July. Our family is now complete and I have you to thank for making it all possible. My dream of having a child has finally come true and I actually have two babies to call my own!”

Shauntell, baby Luke was born in July 2014


“Words can never begin to describe the gratitude that Jenny and I have for what you have done for our family. Luke is a healthy, happy baby and the answer to many years of prayers. You have made our dreams come true and we will forever be in your debt. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Jenny and Courtney, proud parents of Luke, born June 2014


“I hope you know the impact that you have made on our lives. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost 7 years, had seen 2 different fertility doctors and spent tens of thousands of dollars on failed fertility treatments before coming to you. Dr. Storment, Suzanne and all of the other wonderful staff made our experience amazing and gave us hope when all was lost. We had nearly given up before deciding to try IVF in January of 2014. In October we gave birth to two beautiful, healthy baby boys! You have made all of our dreams come true and you will all forever have a place in our hearts. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the work that you do for families like us. You and your staff are truly amazing! Thank you for our beautiful miracles!”

Amber and Ryan, proud parents of twins Karson and Kolton, born October 2014


“Thank you all for always being so kind and helpful throughout what can be a very difficult process and journey. Caleb and I are so grateful for all that you do! Without God and you guys we would not have our two beautiful blessings!”

Kristen and Caleb, proud parents of Lillian, born March 2014, pictured here with big sister Elliana, also a Fertility Answers baby


“We want to thank you for the amazing work you do! You are the reason we were able to start our family, and you helped to give us the most precious thing in our lives, our daughter. Your staff was always so nice and professional, and throughout our visits, we never felt uncomfortable lie we thought we would. Everyone was so helpful anytime we needed anything or had any questions, and we were both truly pleased with the entire experience. We cannot thank you enough for the miracles that you help with everyday in your profession and for giving us the love of our lives!”

Garey & Lauren, proud parents of Adalyn, born March 2014


“We cannot begin to thank you for our two precious girls. You and your team gave us this wonderful life we have  now with both Adalynn Faith and Isabella Anne. Thank you so much for helping us achieve our goal of parenthood. It is our greatest blessing to be their parents.  Although our girls were born very early, they are very strong little fighters. They came into our lives and filled our hearts with so much love.” — AnnMarie and Karlo, daughters Adalynn and Isabella were born January 2014.


“On March 19th, we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. This day is special to us, however, in more ways than one. Not only does it mark the day we were married, but on that day last year we made a trip to your office in Lafayette where we got our very first peek at our son. And exciting as that day was, it pales in comparison to the day, 8 months later, when we were able to welcome him into this world. Ryder is now a healthy and happy soon-to-be 5 month old. He brings us more joy than we ever thought possible. Thank you so much for helping us in our journey. We cannot imagine life without our little guy and we cannot thank you enough for your part in making that possible.”  — Justin and Amy, son Ryder, born November 2013


“Dear Dr.  Storment and Staff: Look what you did! We are so, so thankful for all your efforts to make our dream of a family come true. Chase is the greatest gift we could have ever received, and we thank God every day that we found your office. Wishing you all the best! — Emily and Luke with Chase, born January 2013


“We wanted you to know just how grateful we are for all you did to help us finally get pregnant for our little miracle. Baby Doise is growing everyday and we can’t wait for his/her arrival. We chose not to find out if it’s a boy or girl and are really enjoying everyone’s guesses…even if it’s killing everyone not to know. All Clay and I ever wanted was a healthy baby – 10 fingers, 10 toes and it looks like we are finally getting our wish – so who cares if it’s a boy or girl anyway. We are now 22 weeks and forever grateful.” – Clay and Linsey  (Abel Alexander  was born in March 2013)


“We would like to introduce to you Abbie Grace and Aiden James. They made their entrance into this world five weeks early. The twins are now 3 months old and, thanks to you and your staff, David and I have had the best 3 months of our lives. We have had many laughs, some tears and lots of sleepless hours but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. We are so happy and so grateful to you and your staff for helping make our dreams come true. Our entire experience starting from our first consultation visit with you, our many road trips from Lake Charles to Lafayette, our daily injections, our retrieval surgery, our daily calls while our embryos grew and finally the transfer of our little ones was an experience we will never forget. You and your staff made the entire process seem like nothing extraordinary yet we always felt like we were the most important patients you had. Please continue to do what you do. You are making dreams come true. We thank God for you and your staff and your abilities.” — David and Amanda and twins Abbie and Aiden


“Just wanted to send a little note to once again thank you for all you’ve done for us. Your professionalism and compassion you have for your patients is one of a kind and stands above and beyond any facility we have ever been to. Thank you for your kindness, patience, assistance and devotion to help families grow. God has truly blessed you and I pray he continues to do so. I look at our two beautiful boys and am reminded everyday how lucky we are to have been blessed with them. our family is complete. Words cannot express our gratitude. With your help and God’s will, you gave us hope for something we were told was impossible. We will always think of you as family.” — Cory and Ashley, parents of Gavin, 4 years, and Jaxson, 17 months.


“Thank you so much for all your help and care on our road to start a family. We felt so welcome and that we were in good hands in your office. We are truly blessed to have welcomed a baby girl into our lives this Thanksgiving and we can’t thank you enough for your help!” — Callie and Chris (Mara was born in November 2013)


“I apologize it has taken me so long to write to you. Twins keep me busy! We cannot thank you enough for all your help in helping us grow our family. Not only were you helpful, but your caring attitude made me feel loved and secure. I gave birth to twin girls, Addison Lynn and Camden Elizabeth in September 2013 at almost 37 weeks. Neither girl had to visit NICU so I got to enjoy them right away!” — Jenny and Alan 


“Thank ya’ll so much for everything that you all do. We were very lucky to have had you assist in us getting pregnant. We are very proud to send you this picture of our child Jaxson, born March 2014. We are truly blessed and are forever grateful” — Helen 


“It’s hard to believe our little Jax is already 2-1/2 years old. It seems like just yesterday that we learned we were pregnant. Jax has brought so much joy into our lives and we are truly amazed by him everyday. We thank God everyday for the amazing gift of parenthood. We pray that you and your amazing staff continue to bring this kind of joy to other couples struggling with infertility. Forever your #1 Fans” — Kip, Michele and Jax  


“Brandon and I are so very thankful for each and every one of you. You all have made a very trying time bearable with the compassion, understanding and honesty you all had.  We are so appreciative of everything you all did for us. Benjamin is such a blessing and had made our lives so full of joy. We thank God for him (and you all) every day.” — Megan and Brandon  (Benjamin was born in October 2013)


“Words cannot express our gratitude for everything you have done for us. After traveling to three different R.E.s we knew that ya’ll were very special. Thank you so much for everything. SJ is now 7 months old and everything we could ever want. We miss you guys very much!” — Brittany, Stan and SJ (SJ was born in January 2013)


“Dr. Storment and Staff, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to send this, but my hands are FULL these days! We are thankful to you for the part you had in helping us achieve pregnancy! We are thrilled with our double blessing! Our girls were born on our 11th wedding anniversary. They are growing so fast and every day we treasure every moment with our three little miracles! Thank you for doing what you do with such kindness and compassion! You took the fear out of some of the scarier moments of our fertility journey with your upbeat disposition! We are sooo grateful!!”  — Ricky, Dina, Everett, Elynne and Evangeline (Elynne and Evangeline, born September 2011)


“Dr. Storment and Staff, Thank you all so much for helping give us our miracle. Thank you for your compassion, professionalism, kindness and caring for us! We have a healthy baby boy. Words cannot describe the gratitude we have for our miracle! We will see ya’ll in a year or so for another FET!” — Derrick & Bethany (Maddox, born July 2012)


“Greetings Dr. Storment and the lovely ladies, We are sending some updated pictures of our miracle baby. Alexander just turned one! He has been such a blast! Thank you for the love you have given us!” — Walter & Katie (Alexander, born April 2011)


“Dr. Storment and Staff, We want to thank you for helping us make our dreams come true. There are no words to express how much we appreciate all of you. Our life became complete when our baby girl was born. We can’t wait to see all of you on Celebration Day 2012.” — Brandi & Ryan  (Lily, born December 2011)


“Dr. Storment and Team, We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the amazing experience we had working with you. It was an absolute pleasure walking in to your office each and every visit. You and your staff worked very hard to ensure that this unbelievable process was a joyous one. What an awesome blessing to watch our precious baby boys grow from tiny embryos to healthy, happy infants! Thank you again for everything you did to change our lives forever.” — Hannah & Ricky  (Sawyer and Theodore, born April 2012)


“We want to thank you so much for helping us start our family. We welcomed our daughter Charlotte Lynn in March 2012. She is such a blessing and we know she was made possible through your hard work and support!” — Matt & Katie (Charlotte, born March 2012)


“We just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you all did for us. We welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Emma Lilly, in March 2012. She had a head full of dark black hair and the cutest chubby cheeks. I am so thankful that I got to meet every single one of you, and as we move on with our lives into a different country I cannot wait to share this story with my daughter when she gets older.” — Mickey & Jessica  (Emma Lilly, born March 2012)


“Words can never express our great appreciation for your help in finally getting our little miracle. Our lives finally feel complete and it’s thanks to you for making this possible. So, although it’s not enough, THANK YOU from our whole family for bringing Dru into our lives.” — Ryan & Stephanie  (Donovan Ryan “Dru” , born January 2012)