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IVF Success Prediction Tool

Use the SART IVF Success Prediction Tool to help you make decisions

What are my chances with in vitro fertilization? The Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) IVF success prediction tool can help you understand your chances of having a live birth, based on your personal situation.

This IVF prediction tool was developed using patient and treatment data from SART who collect and store data on all licensed fertility treatments centers in the U.S. This tool is for the use of heterosexual couples who are starting IVF treatment for the first time using their own eggs and sperm. Some of the answers you may know — like your height and weight. Other answers — such as the diagnosis of the cause of infertility — will depend on whether or not you have been seen by a physician, and may change during your course of treatment.

Before you begin your treatment, SART IVF Cycle 1 calculates your cumulative chance of having a baby over one or more complete cycles of IVF (up to a maximum of three complete cycles). A complete cycle means all fresh and frozen embryo transfers resulting from one episode of ovarian stimulation/egg retrieval.

If all treatments in your first complete cycle have been unsuccessful and you decide to continue with IVF, you can use SART IVF Cycle 2 to update your cumulative chance of having a baby over the second and third complete cycles.