IVF Success Predictor Quiz

What are my chances with assisted reproductive technology?

Welcome to the SART Patient Predictor. SART has developed this predictor based on nearly 500,000 cycles of therapy to more than 320,000 women throughout the United States since 2006. This calculator is meant to help you understand your chances of having a live birth, based on your personal situation. The answers to the following questions influence the likelihood that the IVF treatment will be successful. Some of the answers you may know — like your height and weight. Other answers — such as the diagnosis of the cause of infertility — will depend on whether or not you have been seen by a physician, and may change during your course of treatment. The calculations from this Patient Predictor assume that you have not had prior IVF treatment.

Background and Reproductive History

How old are you?
How tall are you?
feet inches feet meters
How much do you weigh?
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How many prior pregnancies have you had?
How many prior full-term (>= 37 weeks) births have you had?


What diagnosis have you been given for infertility?

Do you plan to use your own eggs or donor eggs?

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