Gift of Hope update – now the waiting game!


Hello again,
Some husbands have wives that constantly remind them to mow the grass. Maybe I’m lucky. Mine just “reminds” me to blog more often. Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile. The Carters (Gift of Hope recipients) have been an awesome couple to get to know. They are like most of my patients – eager, anxious and hopeful. Robin had her egg retrieval yesterday and had many mature eggs that fertilized very well. Some of you are following their progress on twitter and facebook also and already know this. We will transfer the embryos back in a few days and then will enter the most difficult part of the IVF process. .. the waiting game. The 10 days after the transfer but before the pregnancy test are the most difficult for every patient. The “what if’s” and “whys” seem to be more predominant at this time. This is really no different than any couple trying to conceive and having to “wait” for the result. I encourage all of you to keep busy during the “waiting” time. It’s much better than reviewing every last detail of your cycle and comparing it to 200 of your closest “web friends” on the fertility websites. This can be consuming. Remember: control that which you have control over. I wish all of you best of luck in your pursuits and remember to keep the faith!

Until next blog. . .


Dr S

Gift of Hope

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