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Gift of Hope 2007 – Bridgette & Ryan

History of testicular cancer leaves couple infertile

Breaux Bridge couple awarded Gift of Hope IVF Grant 2007.

Bridgette & Ryan - Gift of Hope IVF Grant recipients
Bridgette & Ryan – Gift of Hope IVF Grant recipients

Bridgette and Ryan knew from the start that they would never have kids the “regular way.” At the age of 15, Ryan was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Seeking treatment at MD Anderson, they also found spots near his lungs, in his abdomen and lymph nodes and chemotherapy was needed. The doctors explained that he would probably be sterile after treatment, but technology was available that could freeze his sperm for 5 years. As a 15-year-old, Ryan was overwhelmed with the news of his cancer and was just focused on getting better. He thought that there would be no way that he would be having children by the age of 20, so opted not to have his sperm frozen.

Ryan’s chemotherapy wiped out the cancer and saved his life, but damaged his fertility

While Bridgette was well aware of their slim chances of conceiving a child when she married him, she never gave up hope of one day holding their child in her arms. After an initial fertility consultation with Dr. John Storment, Bridgette was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, a condition that inhibits a woman’s ability to ovulate. Faced with both male and female infertility issues, the Baudoins began their uphill struggle to get pregnant. After six years of fertility treatments that proved unsuccessful, the Baudoins were told that IVF was their best chance of becoming pregnant. Like many couples facing infertility issues today, the Baudoin’s health insurance did not cover any infertility treatments.

The Gift of Hope is offered once a year in the spring with applications typically available to download from our website beginning in March of each year. For questions about the Gift of Hope, please email to giftofhope@fertilityanswers.com