Gift of Hope 2010

Gift of Hope Couple Sheds Light on the Struggle of Endometriosis-Related Infertility

Robin and Dion Carter underwent their in vitro fertilization cycle in July 2010 conceiving twins. Sadly, Robin went into premature labor at 19 weeks and lost both twins after a valiant attempt by her and her high-risk obstetrician to save the babies. Robin and Dion later conceived on their own and are now the proud parents of a baby boy.

May 2010¬†– Dr. John Storment and Fertility & Women’s Health Center of Louisiana, Women’s & Children’s Hospital, and Sheridan Healthcare are pleased to announce the selection of Robin & Dion Carter, of Ville Platte, LA, as recipients of the Gift of Hope 2010. The Carters were selected from a pool of 59 applications received from Louisiana couples seeking to be granted a free in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle in their efforts to conceive a child.The Gift of Hope selection committee, composed of Karen Alleman, staff nurse at Women’s & Children’s Hospital; Kevin Caswell, vice president of commercial banking at Teche Federal Bank; Najwa Dibbs, psychologist; and Jaci Russo, senior partner of Russo Ad Group, selected the Carters to receive the gift of a free in vitro fertilization cycle based upon their financial and medical needs and personal situation.

The Carters have been battling infertility for over five years due to Robin’s endometriosis, a condition that can cause both pain and infertility. Thirty to forty percent of patients with endometriosis are infertile, a rate two to three times that of the general population. Although the causes of endometriosis are unknown and there is no cure for this disease, a variety of treatment options exist, including pain management, hormonal treatment and laparoscopic surgery.

In Robin’s case, extensive endometriosis has blocked both her fallopian tubes preventing the sperm and egg from uniting. She has undergone two laparoscopic surgeries to remove endometriosis and cysts, but is still struggling with infertility and the pain, both physical and emotional,¬†that goes along with it. In vitro fertilization offers the best chance for her to conceive, a procedure not covered by the couple’s health insurance.

“I am on cloud nine!” Robin said after being contacted by telephone that she and Dion were chosen for the Gift of Hope award. “I’m at work right now, but I don’t really feel like I’m here. I still can’t believe it. This is a dream come true for us!”

Having a family has always been a dream of the Carter’s, who both come from close-knit families. Dion is one of six children from the Bayou Chicot area, while Robin is extremely close to her mother and sister who live in Opelousas. Mother’s Day, Robin says, is always an emotional time for her, especially when she is at church with her mother and sister, who also suffers from endometriosis.

“I see all of the mothers in church being honored and keep wondering why this had to happen to me and my sister. But I think God gives us these challenges in life to make us stronger,” Robin says.”It just makes me that much more determined to fight this horrible disease.”

Lafayette Couple Conceives Through Gift of Hope IUI Award

Joshua and Faith Garbett had no idea it would be such a challenge to have a child. The couple dated for 10 years before getting married. After years of being friends, their friendship blossomed into a more serious relationship. Both in their 30s and a first marriage for both, the immediately began to try for a baby, thinking it would take only a few months to get pregnant.

But after three months, Faith consulted her gynecologist who started her on progesterone and then Clomid to help with their chances to conceive. Joshua also had a complete workup done with a urologist who found no abnormalities and no medical reason why they should not be able to conceive. Yet, after two more years and no pregnancy, Faith and Joshua were beginning to decided to apply for the Gift of Hope.

After reviewing the Garbett’s application and medical information, the Gift of Hope selection committee decided to offer the couple a free intrauterine insemination. The Garbett’s were successful and delivered their daughter Charlotte in 2011.