Gift of Hope IVF Grant Recipients

Since 2006, the Gift of Hope has been awarded to 16 couples, 8 of which conceived and 5 babies have been born.

Read more about our past IVF grant recipients below.

gift of hope 2017

Gift of Hope 2017

Already Parents in Their Hearts – Jordan & Daniel Allen, Sulphur, LA




A Second Chance After Cancer, Family Tragedy and Natural Disaster – Kaitlyn & Jared Guzzardo, Baton Rouge, LA





Gift of Hope 2016, IVF grant recipientsGift of Hope 2016

Staying Strong for Each Other – Jenean & Kirk Dugas, Lake Charles, LA

As a Lake Charles patrol officer and member of the SWAT team, Kirk Dugas is trained to anticipate all kinds and manner of situations and threats. Though his job is not as glamorous as film and television often portray it, at times it can be quite challenging. On any given day he needs to be ready physically and mentally to deal with accidents, injuries, abuse, crime and sometimes death. Interacting with victims of crime and families of lost or injured loved ones is difficult and painful, but it’s perhaps the most important part of his job.  READ MORE…

IVF grantPatience Will Get Us There Together – Margo & John Kitto, Baton Rouge, LA

When Margo Kitto was 5 years old, she packed her bags and walked out the door of her parents’ house. Confidently, she told her mom she was moving out and starting a family. Her mom giggled, turned her around in the direction of home and told her, “Be patient, you will get there.”

Gift of Hope 2015, IVF grant recipients

Gift of Hope 2015

Staying Strong for Each Other – Jamie & Shedran Reese, Geismar, LA

“If you don’t cry, I won’t cry,” is the voice Jamie Reese hears over and over again as she remembers the recurring pregnancy losses she has endured over the last seven years. It is the voice of her husband, Shedran, as he has tried to console Jamie and himself after each pregnancy came to an end. READ MORE…

Gift of Hope 2014, IVF grant recipients

Gift of Hope 2014

Faith, Hope and Love are the Cornerstones for This Determined Couple – Jennifer & Matthew Gaubert, Thibodaux, LA

When her mother-in-law, Sandra, suddenly died in January 2013, Jennifer Gaubert lost not only her husband’s mother, but her biggest supporter, the one woman whose love and prayers meant so much to her during her and husband Matthew’s years-long journey with infertility. READ MORE…

Gift of Hope 2013, IVF grant recipientsGift of Hope 2013

Hope Prevails for Breaux Bridge Couple Awarded The Gift of Hope – Michelle & Chad Taylor, Breaux Bridge, LA

Michelle and Chad Taylor have had their fair share of disappointment throughout their journey with infertility. Years of doctors’ appointments, testing, treatment, finally pregnancy and then miscarriage, and then additional testing and treatment leading only to more frustration and disappointment. All heart-breaking and crushing and incredibly expensive. READ MORE…

Gift of Hope 2012, IVF grant recipients

Gift of Hope 2012

Dreams Come True for Carencro Couple – Shawna & Colby Cormier, Carencro, LA

For Shawna and Colby, having no explanation for their inability to conceive a child is incredibly frustrating and devastating. After every failed IUI, Shawna would ask herself, “Are we horrible people that don’t deserve a child?” The cost of infertility treatments has been financially draining, and the price of IVF, their next step in their infertility care and the one that offers the best chance for her to conceive, is a procedure not covered by the couple’s health insurance. READ MORE…

Gift of Hope 2011, IVF grant recipients

Gift of Hope 2011

Soldier and His Wife Chosen for the Gift of Hope 2011 – Jill and Michael Crommelin, Fort Polk, LA

May 2011 – Jill and Michael Crommelin never thought that starting a family would turn into such a rollercoaster of a ride. Jill was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, PCOS for short, back in 2006 around the time she and Michael got married. To be parents and to grow as a family was their goal as a newly married couple. Both Jill, a 5th grade teacher at Pine Wood Elementary School in DeRidder, and Michael, a soldier in the Army stationed at Fort Polk, LA, come from close-knit families and they could not wait to add more love to the mix. READ MORE…

Gift of Hope 2010, IVF grant recipients

Gift of Hope 2010

Gift of Hope Couple Sheds Light on the Struggle of Endometriosis-Related Infertility – Robin & Dion Carter, Ville Platte, LA

Having a family has always been a dream of the Carter’s, who both come from close-knit families. Dion is one of six children from the Bayou Chicot area, while Robin is extremely close to her mother and sister who live in Opelousas. Mother’s Day, Robin says, is always an emotional time for her, especially when she is at church with her mother and sister, who also suffers from endometriosis. READ MORE…

Gift of Hope 2009, IVF grant recipients

Gift of Hope 2009

Two Couples Chosen for the Gift of Hope 2009 – Michelle & Kip Trahan, Kaplan, LA and Jesse & Shane Cayce, Lafayette, LA

At the age of 5, Shane Cayce was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphona and was treated with chemotherapy and radiation after the tumor in his colon was surgically removed. At the time, his parents were told that long-term side effects to the drugs administered to Shane were unknown, but sterility and organ damage were high on the list. READ MORE…

Gift of Hope 2008, IVF grant recipients

Gift of Hope 2008

A Little Faith Brings a Miracle for Lake Charles Couple – Rachel & Tony Bourque, Lake Charles, LA

For Rachel Bourque, having a child of her own has always been her goal in life. She went in to teaching as a career just to be close to the children she loves. Rachel also runs the children’s service each Sunday at Water’s Edge Church where her husband Tony is the senior pastor. “But my lifelong dream has always been to be a stay-at-home mom,” said Rachel. “Tony knows that I will live off of bread and peanut butter to stay home with my kids if I ever get the chance to be a mom.” READ MORE…

Gift of Hope 2007, IVF grant recipients

Gift of Hope 2007Gift of Hope 2007, IVF grant recipients

Hope & Grace: The Wonders of Science and Generosity of a Healthcare Team Lead to the Miracle of Birth – Beth & Eric McCleery, Rayne, LA

Beth McCleery, a 5th grade school teacher, knew something was wrong fairly soon after getting married. She and her husband, Eric, a software trainer, had begun trying to conceive right away after their 2004 wedding. But by the end of 2005, they were still waiting. Not an inordinately long time for relatively young newlyweds. It was more an instinct than anything else that told Beth that there might be another reason they were still waiting for a child of their own. READ MORE…

Gift of Hope 2006, IVF grant recipients

Gift of Hope 2006

Expecting Miracles: A Lafayette Doctor and His Wife Create the Perfect Gift for Couples with Infertility – Laura & Terry Hughes, Lafayette, LA

On Saturday, April 14, 2007, at 6:46 p.m., weighing seven pounds two ounces, Hope Elizabeth Hughes was born at Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Lafayette. Hope’s mother, Laura Hughes, chose natural childbirth and was in labor for 23 hours before she and her husband, Terry, finally held their daughter in their arms. While the birth was fairly routine, the couple’s journey to that moment was anything but ordinary. READ MORE…