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Gift of Hope 2010 – Faith & Joshua

Couple with unexplained infertility conceives through IUI award

Lafayette couple wins a free IUI cycle through the Gift of Hope IVF Grant 2010.

gift of hope iui grant 2010

Joshua and Faith Garbett had no idea it would be such a challenge to have a child. The couple dated for 10 years before getting married. After years of being friends, their friendship blossomed into a more serious relationship. Both in their 30s and a first marriage for both, they immediately began to try for a baby, thinking it would take only a few months to get pregnant.

But after three months, Faith consulted her gynecologist who started her on progesterone and then Clomid to help with their chances to conceive. Joshua also had a complete workup done with a urologist who found no abnormalities and no medical reason why they should not be able to conceive. Yet, after two more years and no pregnancy, Faith and Joshua were beginning to worry about their unexplained infertility. They decided to apply for the Gift of Hope IUI grant 2010.

After reviewing the Garbett’s application and medical information, the Gift of Hope selection committee decided to offer the couple a free intrauterine insemination through the Gift of Hope IUI grant 2010. The Garbett’s were successful and delivered their daughter Charlotte in 2011.