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Thank You for Applying!

Thank you for applying for the Gift of Hope IVF Grant!

Thank you for your application for the Gift of Hope IVF Grant. We know how much you have longed to build a family. Since 2006, the Gift of Hope IVF Grant has provided hope for Louisiana individuals and couples struggling with infertility without the financial and insurance means to pay for it. Our sincere wish is that through applying we have provided you with some hope that your dreams of a family may happen. 

What happens from here?

  • Your application will be looked over for completeness and we will send you an email to let you know your application was accepted or if there are missing pieces of information. Please be patient as we verify your information. You will have the opportunity to send in what is missing before the application deadline.
  • Once complete, your application will be sent to our Gift of Hope Selection Committee for review.
  • Our committee will meet after the submission deadline to choose a recipient.
  • Winning applicant will be personally contacted and then announced on the Gift of Hope IVF Grant Facebook page.

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