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Hysterosalpingogram HSG

Our Louisiana fertility specialists use HSG tests to see if your tubes are open.

A hysterosalpingogram HSG is an x-ray procedure our patients can use to determine whether their fallopian tubes are open. Blockage in the tubes can be caused by scar tissue and adhesions from endometriosis, prior surgeries, or untreated STDs and infections. The test also allows our Louisiana fertility specialists to see if the shape of the uterine cavity is normal. Anatomical issues in the uterus, such as a septum or abnormal shapes, can inhibit pregnancy or cause miscarriages. This infertility test is an outpatient procedure that uses a state-of-the-art C-Arm Fluoroscopic Imaging System.

HSG tests can be performed at either our Lafayette or Baton Rouge Louisiana fertility clinics.

hysterosalpingogram HSG

Having our own in-office imaging means our patients have more flexibility. The procedure can be done immediately rather than having to schedule another appointment at another facility. Plus, there is no waiting for your results. Our Louisiana fertility specialists can determine your results at your HSG appointment. This eliminates the time delays previously required to receive the results and then schedule a follow-up appointment.

How does the C-Arm Fluoroscopic Imaging System work? During an HSG, dye is injected into the uterus and tubes. As the dye is being passed into the uterus, x-ray pictures are taken. The entire procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes.

After the HSG, you can immediately return to normal activities, although you may experience mild or moderate uterine cramping for about 5-10 minutes. However, you should be prepared to have a family member or friend drive you home after the procedure in the event that you experience cramping.

Our Baton Rouge and Lafayette fertility doctors can see the results immediately and can discuss the findings with you at the time of your visit.

If your tubes are blocked, our doctors will likely recommend either a surgical procedure to directly view the tubes (laparoscopy) or to bypass the tubes and perform in vitro fertilization (IVF). The Louisiana fertility doctors at Fertility Answers can provide you with all the information and options if your HSG indicates that your tubes are blocked.