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Preparing for Pregnancy

What you need to know before preparing for pregnancy

Our Louisiana fertility center doctors want to help women develop an effective plan for preparing for pregnancy. While many women expect conceiving to be a simple process, there are various ways they can help ensure they’re better prepared for this exciting milestone.

Preparing for pregnancy

There are multiple evaluations and lifestyle shifts that can help intended mothers create the healthiest possible environment for an embryo. Our Louisiana fertility center also recommends ways to determine a woman’s chance of conceiving and explains how she can take effective steps forward if any fertility challenges are discovered.

  • Discover your ovarian reserve and uterine health. A simple blood test and ultrasound can help fertility specialists test your hormone levels and determine the quantity and quality of your eggs. In addition, the ultrasound can reveal any uterine abnormalities that could impede a healthy pregnancy.
  • Receive a Pap smear. A Pap smear is an important component of preparing for pregnancy. It helps to ensure the absence of precancerous or cancerous cells in the cervix.
  • Utilize genetic testing. This screening helps determine whether the intended mother or father has inheritable genetic conditions. If one parent is a carrier of such a condition, we may recommend testing to ensure only healthy embryos are transferred.
  • Start taking folic acid. Taking a daily dose of folic acid before you become pregnant can help prevent birth defects in the baby’s brain and spinal cord.
  • Cut out alcohol and other potentially harmful substances. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other controlled substances could diminish your fertility or cause a miscarriage.
  • Adopt a healthy diet and exercise regime. Another vital component of preparing for pregnancy involves a diet high in protein, fruits, vegetables, and grains. It should also be low in sugar and fried foods. A nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise can set your body up for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

If our team discovers a low ovarian reserve, uterine abnormalities or other fertility challenges during the initial screening, there are many ways our Louisiana fertility center can help the intended mother move past these barriers.

How we can help if fertility treatments are needed

If an intended mother’s fertility evaluation reveals a need for treatment, the compassionate and knowledgeable team at our Louisiana fertility center can develop a customized treatment plan for her unique needs. With our support, the path to take home a baby can be simple and enjoyable.

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