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Win a Free Elective Egg Freezing Cycle!

You could win a free elective egg freezing cycle!

Win a free elective egg freezing cycle!Enter for your chance to win a FREE elective egg freezing cycle! Drawing to be held on National Egg Day, June 3, 2024!

Why do you need elective egg freezing? Elective egg freezing gives women peace of mind without the fear of her biological clock. As a woman ages, the quantity and quality of her egg supply diminishes. But, maybe you want to put off a family until you finish your education or advance more in your career. Maybe you just haven’t found the right partner to build a family with. Maybe you just want to feel empowered about your future and do it at your pace. Whatever your reason, elective egg freezing can help you with your family planning.

What to expect during an elective egg freezing cycle

An elective egg freezing cycle will take about 2 weeks to complete and is timed with the start of your menstrual cycle. First, you will take injectable ovarian stimulation medications to induce your ovaries to mature multiple eggs. During this time, you will need to visit us several times for ultrasounding so that we can check your progress. Then, when your eggs are at the right maturation point, we will extract them in a short in-office procedure. Last, your eggs will be cryopreserved and stored until you are ready to use them.

How can you enter our elective egg freezing drawing?

To enter our drawing for a free elective egg freezing cycle, complete an egg freezing consultation at any of our Fertility Answers South Louisiana locations before May 27, 2024. This consultation will include a face-to-face meeting with one of our reproductive specialists and some lab testing.

After completion of your consultation, your name will be put into our drawing. Our winner will be picked on National Egg Day, June 3, 2024.

Ready to make your consultation appointment? Contact us or call and make sure you let our scheduler know you want to learn more about elective egg freezing.

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