Ferring Pharmaceutical CLARA IVF Trial

Fertility Answers is one of only 22 IVF lab sites in the United States chosen to participate in Ferring Pharmaceutical’s CLARA IVF Trial, a clinical trial evaluating a new medication delivery system for the pharmaceutical drug MENOPUR used in IVF protocols.

This study will recruit up to 20 Fertility Answers patients. Eligible patients will include women who:

  • Are between the ages of 18-42
  • Have regular menstrual cycles
  • Have a BMI less than 38

Qualified and enrolled patients will receive one IVF cycle with a fresh embryo transfer at no cost.

For more information on this study and to determine if you qualify, please email: research@fertilityanswers.com.

All candidates for this study have been selected and are in the process of screening at this time. If you meet the above criteria above and would like to be added to the waitlist in the event that a space opens up, please fill out the form and submit below.

CLARA IVF Drug Trial Waitlist