Infertility Awareness is More Than a Week


People with infertility matter. That’s why we believe infertility awareness should be more than just one week.

When it comes to issues surrounding infertility and family building, Fertility Answers is committed to continually raising the public’s infertility awareness. We care about people with infertility and are doing something to make a difference to the many who are impacted by infertility. National Infertility Awareness Week® is April 23-29, and we are observing this campaign by offering two specially discounted services during the month of April 2017 that raise awareness about infertility, fertility potential and fertility preservation.

Fertility Answers will offer two discounted services during April 2017 to help raise awareness about infertility.

Learn Your Fertility Potential With AMH Testing

Anti-mullerian, or AMH testing is a simple blood test that can provide useful information about your ovarian reserve, or egg supply. The levels of AMH in the blood indicate the approximate number of follicles in a woman’s ovaries and you and your physician can use this information to make treatment decisions. AMH testing is a unique form of ovarian reserve testing because it can be performed at any time during your menstrual cycle. It can help women begin planning their families and identify whether fertility preservation with egg freezing is appropriate for them. During the month of April 2017, learn your fertility potential with an AMH test for only $10. Contact us to schedule your lab appointment for AMH testing.

Preserve Your Fertility With Egg Freezing

At Fertility Answers, we know that there are many reasons why women may want to postpone pregnancy. Some women may be focusing on their education or career, while others are still trying to find the perfect partner. Egg freezing is an excellent way to preserve future fertility. Contact us during the month of April 2017 to lock in this special rate of $6,000 (excluding medications) to freeze your eggs. This special pricing is only applicable at our Baton Rouge Louisiana fertility center.

It is up to all of us to transform how others view infertility. One that will help educate and provide resolution to the millions of Americans impacted. Be part of a movement that wants to remove barriers that stand in the way of building families during National Infertility Awareness Week®. For more information about National Infertility Awareness Week® and how you can become a part of the movement, please visit

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