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Offsite Frozen Storage

What you need to know about offsite frozen storage

Our Louisiana fertility centers offer high-quality offsite frozen storage options for patients who need to preserve eggs, sperm and embryos for later use. We’re proud to partner with Ovation® Fertility to provide this storage solution, as they supply state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff.

Ovation was founded by a coalition of renowned fertility doctors and scientists. It leads the way in frozen storage and other breakthroughs in the fertility industry. The team’s dedication to excellence ensures that your genetic material is in good hands.

Criteria for offsite storage

In many ways, Ovation has set the standards for offsite frozen storage by utilizing industry best practices, leading-edge equipment and innovative research. This high-quality storage is a result of numerous factors.

  • Safe and effective freezing technique. Ovation uses a technique called vitrification to freeze eggs, sperm and embryos. Vitrification is a flash freezing process that cools genetic material to a sub-zero temperature. After freezing, Ovation stores genetic material in cryopreservation storage tanks that maintain the appropriate temperature, which pauses the biological processes of the cells.
  • Constant monitoring. To ensure the safety of frozen material, Ovation’s offsite frozen storage facilities provide 24/7 monitoring and security. The facilities also have backup power to protect against outages.
  • Expert personnel. It’s essential that highly trained professionals manage labs storing frozen genetic material. Because of this, Ovation ensures all their labs are run by a high complexity lab director certified by the American Board of Bioanalysis and maintain College of Pathologists (CAP) certification.

As Ovation was founded by a group of respected physicians with an incredible sense of integrity, we are honored to connect patients with their acclaimed offsite frozen storage solutions.

How frozen genetic material is retrieved

When hopeful parents are ready to utilize their eggs, sperm or embryos, Ovation works with our Louisiana fertility centers to efficiently and safely transport the genetic material. They ship all frozen genetic material from the storage facility to the fertility clinic in a specialized container that maintains the ideal temperature.

For those needing to freeze eggs, sperm or embryos, we strive to provide the highest levels of outstanding care. Contact us for more information about offsite frozen storage.