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Fertility Treatment for Lesbian Women

Fertility Answers explores fertility treatment for lesbian women

Our Louisiana fertility center proudly supports members of the LGBT community by providing information about LGBT fertility treatment for lesbian women. We believe that everyone should be able to build the family of their dreams because love is love. Lesbian women who are looking for family-building options will find information and support at Fertility Answers.

Fertility treatment for lesbian women includes the help of a sperm donor

In order for a lesbian couple to have a biological child, they will need the help of a sperm donor. In the case where both women cannot produce viable eggs, an egg donation may also be necessary. Single women and lesbian couples may consider the use of intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) for family growth. For lesbian women, the options for conception include:

    • Intrauterine insemination with sperm donation (using sperm from a bank or from a known sperm donor), with or without the use of fertility-enhancing medications
    • IVF with donor sperm with one partner providing eggs and gestating the pregnancy
    • IVF with donor sperm with one partner providing the eggs and the other partner gestating the pregnancy, called reciprocal IVF

Learning as much as possible about the different options is the first step toward LGBT fertility and starting a family. Talk to your doctor to see what options may be right for you. The physicians at Fertility Answers are dedicated to helping you experience the joy of parenthood.

When building a family using fertility treatment for lesbian women, our Louisiana fertility center suggests that patients seek legal counsel from an attorney with experience in reproductive law. The goal is to ensure that everyone’s rights, including the child’s, are protected with appropriate documentation.

If you have questions about family-building using fertility treatment for lesbian women, contact us for an appointment. We are happy to provide guidance, support and referrals to help you bring home a healthy baby.