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Fertility Treatment for Gay Men

Fertility Answers explores fertility treatment for gay men

Our Louisiana fertility center proudly supports members of the LGBT community by providing information about LGBT fertility treatment for gay men. We believe that everyone should be able to build the family of their dreams because love is love. Gay men who are looking for family-building options will find information and support at Fertility Answers.

Fertility treatment for gay couples includes IVF, egg donation and a gestational carrier

In order for a gay male couple to have a biological child, they will need to undergo a complex process. LGBT fertility treatment for gay couples requires an egg donor who will provide her eggs and a gestational carrier who will carry the pregnancy. Per Louisiana law, the egg donor and the gestational carrier cannot be the same woman.

To begin fertility treatment for gay men, the egg donor will take medication to stimulate the maturation of multiple eggs. A fertility specialist will retrieve these eggs and an embryologist will combine them with sperm from one of the male partners. When the sperm fertilizes the eggs in the laboratory, they become embryos. The fertility doctor will transfer one of these embryos to the uterus of the gestational carrier. She will then carry the pregnancy and give birth to the child.

Louisiana law and LGBT fertility treatment

Laws vary from state to state regarding the specifics of gestational carriers. In Louisiana, gestational surrogacy is only allowed for a man and a woman, married in accordance with state law, using their own genetics. As a result, our Louisiana fertility center cannot provide fertility treatment for gay men at this time.

However, thanks to our partnership with Ovation Fertility, our doctors are happy to provide a referral to an experienced and caring physician in a state that allows for gay men to build families using gestational surrogacy. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn family-building into a vacation.

When building a family using fertility treatment for gay couples, our Louisiana fertility center suggests that patients seek legal counsel from an attorney with experience in reproductive law. The goal is to ensure that everyone’s rights, including the child’s, are protected with appropriate documentation.

If you have questions about family-building using LGBT fertility treatment for gay men, contact us for an appointment. We are happy to provide guidance, support and referrals to help you bring home a healthy baby.