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Fertility Testing for Lesbian Couples

Fertility testing for lesbian couples can help determine the best path to parenthood

LGBT fertility testing for lesbian couples at our Louisiana fertility clinic can help identify any fertility challenges that could affect the treatment plan. In most cases, our team does diagnostic testing on both intended mothers. This allows us to assess the health of their uterus and ovaries, as well as determine their ovarian reserve.

Fertility testing for lesbian couples

Before we begin fertility testing for lesbian couples, we evaluate their medical history and the results of past fertility treatments. Once we’ve gone through all this pertinent information, we can begin testing at our Louisiana fertility clinic.

  • Transvaginal ultrasound. If the lesbian couple is not yet sure which woman will carry the pregnancy, they will both undergo an ultrasound. This ultrasound helps us determine the shape and size of the woman’s uterus. It can also assess ovarian health.
  • Blood work. Blood tests reveal a woman’s ovarian reserve and hormone levels. Depending on these tests, we can determine which woman’s eggs can provide the best chance of supporting a healthy pregnancy.
  • Preconception genetic screening. Fertility testing also includes genetic testing that uncovers various inheritable genetic conditions. If our team finds certain conditions, this might inform which woman will provide the eggs for the IUI or IVF cycle. It could also indicate a need for preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).

The next steps after fertility testing

After the doctors at our Louisiana fertility clinic have evaluated the results of the fertility testing for lesbian couples, they will meet with the women to discuss the options for treatment.

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm. Lesbian couples that include at least one partner with a healthy ovarian reserve and uterus will likely undergo IUI or IVF with donor sperm.
  • Reciprocal IVF with donor sperm. Female couples can also choose to do reciprocal IVF. During this procedure, one woman provides the eggs, which we fertilize with donor sperm. The other woman then carries the pregnancy.

To ensure each phase of a lesbian couple’s journey to LGBT fertility and parenthood is as simple and effective as possible, we walk them through each stage of this process. Our goal is to make sure they always feel fully supported.

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