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Tubal Reversal Surgery

Women who have had previous sterilization may consider tubal reversal surgery

Some women may have “tied” their fallopian tubes in the past as a form of birth control and sterilization. This surgical procedure, called tubal ligation surgery, is considered a permanent way to prevent pregnancy. Sometimes this sterilization can be reversed through tubal reversal surgery.

Unfortunately, tubal ligation procedures do not simply “tie” your fallopian tubes and therefore cannot be simply “untied.” Some methods cut off a segment of the tubes, others use a clip to pinch the tube closed, while others stitch the tube closed. Your chances of becoming pregnant again depend on the method used and how well the tube can be restored back to its original condition.

Sterilization methods that destroy large sections of the fallopian tube often make repair through reversal surgery more difficult. Additionally, there is a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy following tubal reversal surgery due to the scar tissue inevitable at the site of repair.

Considering other options to tubal reversal surgery

The decision to tie your tubes earlier to prevent pregnancy may now have you questioning if it was the right decision after all. Because reversing a tubal ligation often has low success rates and can lead to an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, the reproductive specialists at Fertility Answers recommend the assisted reproductive technology technique of in vitro fertilization, IVF, as a better option. With IVF, you can completely bypass the need for fallopian tubes during fertilization and avoid unnecessary surgery.

During your consult, we will examine your history, operative report(s), and laboratory evaluation of egg quality. After thorough review, we will help you determine which option is best for you. While we no longer offer tubal reversal surgery at Fertility Answers, your medical team can help you find a surgeon who can perform tubal reversal surgery if you ultimately choose this option.