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Planning Ahead for Fertility

Planning ahead for fertility can help you control future costs

Planning ahead for family buildingOur Louisiana fertility clinic wants to support women and men in understanding how planning ahead for fertility can make their future family planning more affordable. With enough forethought and planning, starting your family in the future does not need to be a challenging and expensive endeavor.

Planning ahead for fertility

Women and men can begin planning ahead for fertility in many ways.

  • Receive a fertility evaluation. Understanding the current status of your fertility is an important first step in making decisions about when and how you will start a family. Talk with your healthcare provider about receiving a fertility evaluation. This evaluation might include a physical exam, medical and sexual history, blood tests and an ultrasound for women. Be sure to receive a thorough explanation of the results, so you can understand the optimal time to start a family.
  • Start saving now. Planning ahead for fertility also involves an evaluation of finances. You can minimize your chances of experiencing financial hardship by beginning to save money now for future fertility treatments you may need. Even if the current state of your fertility is good, this status might shift by the time you’re ready to start a family. Having the financial resources for fertility treatments can minimize the stress that often comes along with this potential development.
  • Become informed about when your fertility might decline. Many women and men are not well informed about when fertility typically declines. For women, fertility peaks in their 20s, begins to decline in their 30s and experiences a significant drop after the age of 35. Male fertility begins to decline in the 40s.
  • Consider egg freezing. Planning ahead for fertility might involve egg freezing for women who know that they would like to postpone motherhood until their late-30s or early-40s. This method of fertility preservation can allow them to have access to their own healthy eggs if they have trouble becoming pregnant on their own later in life.
  • Create a family planning timeline. Knowing when and how you’d like to have children can help you make good decisions on the road that leads to starting your family.

The fertility specialists at our Louisiana fertility clinic have found that men and women who plan ahead for fertility have a much easier and more enjoyable experience when they’re eventually ready to become parents.

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The knowledgeable and compassionate staff at our Louisiana fertility clinic can support you in collecting and understanding the information needed to successfully make decisions about your current and future fertility.

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