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Dr. Chappell and Fertility Preservation

Learn more about fertility preservation with Dr. Chappell

What women should know about egg freezingOne of the many practice interests of our Louisiana fertility doctor is fertility preservation. Neil Chappell MD’s continued exploration into the subject of fertility preservation allows him to offer women the highest-quality care. Dr. Chappell helps women develop a thorough understanding of the connection between aging and fertility, and the effect certain health conditions have on reproductive health.

What women should understand about fertility preservation

Dr. Chappell’s interest in fertility preservation is relevant in the current landscape of fertility, as more women are postponing motherhood.

Fertility preservation through egg freezing is an area of interest for our Louisiana fertility doctor because it offers a safe and effective option for women who would like to pause their biological clock. He wants to help women understand that there are numerous factors that could make egg freezing a good option for them.

  • Aging and egg freezing. Because a woman’s egg quality and quantity diminish with age, it is important for women who would like to postpone motherhood until their late-30s or early-40s to consider freezing their eggs.
  • Egg freezing due to health concerns. If a woman is facing certain health issues that require aggressive treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, egg freezing could be a good option because these treatments could affect the quality of her eggs. A family history of premature ovarian failure is another reason Dr. Chappell would recommend that a woman consider egg freezing.

Dr. Chappell supports women interested in fertility preservation by explaining more about this exciting process and helping them take the next steps to preserve their healthy eggs for later use.

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Dr. Chappell is here to provide compassionate support to women interested in fertility preservation. He is dedicated to offering personalized treatment for every patient to help them meet their family-building goals.

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