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QuickView Treatment Plan


Our QuickView endometriosis treatment plan is an easy way for our patients to understand the treatment process

Each QuickView follows a given infertility diagnosis, then outlines the tests normally performed, the possible results and the treatments for each result. While the sequence may not be followed exactly for every patient, it will give you an approximate plan of what may happen. Our QuickView endometriosis treatment plan outlines the path our Louisiana fertility doctor will likely take in determining the possible cause of your infertility.

After a diagnosis of endometriosis, treatment plans typically start with laparoscopic surgery to assess the extent of endometriosis. Depending on the results, our fertility specialists will be able to prescribe treatment using medication to reduce your symptoms, or remove adhesions or scarred tissues that might be blocking your pelvic organs or twisting them out of their normal position.

Our reproductive endocrinologists will take active steps to boost your chances of bringing home a baby. There are many effective treatments for helping women with endometriosis conceive, including ovulation inductionIUI and IVF.

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