Time to celebrate!


Hello again.
Blogging is sort of like exercise – I know I need to do it to keep the website active and be more involved , but I procrastinate as much as possible. (actually, I would rather exercise than blog.) But after I do it, I wonder, “why don’t I blog more often?”.
We have a big day on Sunday. It’s our 10th annual Celebration Day. Almost two thousand babies have been born since we opened our doors in 1999. 10 years ago – which seems like yesterday, we left the Fertility Institute of New Orleans and started our own practice. I have a lot of people to thank for our success. My wife, Amelie, who always does the hard work for the baby fair, website, marketing, and many other things is awesome to keep doing the hard work, while I get all the accolades. My office manager, Debbie, does the work no one wants to do. She collects the money, helps patients understand charges, keeps our staff here, on time, happy and ensures that everyone is treated with respect. There is NO better fit for this job than Debbie. My nursing crew of Suzanne, Laurie, and Cindy – wow – they are phenomenal. Patients go into their office with tears and laden with anxiety and miraculously come out with a reassured smile and ready to pursue the treatment in hopes of building their family. (Sometimes it seems like they are 10% nursing, 90% counselor). Jolyn is the constant and steady support for every patient. Her ability to not only do exceptional ultrasounds, but keep all of the patients’ medical and personal information stored in her incredible memory is a tremendous asset to our practice. Our lab crew (Julie, Rene, Jackie) are the unsung heroes. They have the tough job of drawing blood from an already anxious patient, and analyzing the hormone levels while I’m pacing the hallway wondering why it’s not completed, and then repeating this multiple times every day. Julie treats the embryos with as much care and respect as she does her own children. Behind every successful fertility center is a successful lab director. Jimmy is our guy. He and Julie bring the latest and best technology to us and bring their “A” game every day. Without them, I’d be unemployed. No joke. Our front office staff perhaps has the most difficult duty. They are expected to know patients’ names, faces, spouses, insurance – and the list goes on and on. Though they are trained in the business side of medicine, they are expected to be able to understand patients’ medical problems as well. Our crew of Shannon, Lindsay, Kelly and Erica are exceptional. Cyd and Melanie have been Dr. Zehnder and Pelletier’s nurses for – let’s just say- a “few” years. (don’t want to give away ages, now do we?) They offer such a great balance to our team’s approach and maintain our level of compassion here in making sure patients receive the utmost respect and care on a daily basis. Dr. Z and P who for many years were the only doctors treating patients for infertility, continue to have a thriving gynecology practice and support me every day. They, along with the entire staff, are extraordinary.
There. Once again, I’ve blogged and am happy to say thanks to our awesome staff. Women’s and Children’s Hospital staff has also been instrumental in our success and have offered me great assistance in maintaining our IVF lab.
This year has been an interesting one. We have had some tremendous highs and some pretty significant “lows”. Thanks also to our patients’ comments, both on the blog as well as all of the very nice things they say on the websites like Vitals.com and Healthgrades.com. I never thought those were commonly viewed, but I was wrong. It’s nice to get feedback – even if it’s not always positive. I look forward to seeing many of you this Sunday at Celebration Day. We really have a lot to celebrate.

Dr S


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