Sherry & Dwayne’s Story – Couple Overcomes PCOS

fertility success story

Couple overcomes PCOS to get their greatest gift of all

Dwayne and I met at church. After dating for a year we started discussing plans for children. He was 50 and I was 30 at the time. Yeah, big difference! But, neither one of us had kids yet and we both knew we wanted to be parents. So after trying for a year with no success, I was referred to Dr. Susan Conway at Fertility Answers. We all know fertility treatments are not cheap, but I consider myself lucky that the company I’m employed with covers fertility procedures and fertility medicines.

After my first visit with Dr. Conway she suspected I had polycystic ovary syndrome just from observation. After an ultrasound she confirmed my PCOS through the tell-tale “string of pearls” formation of cystic follicles on my ovaries. Hormonal and insulin imbalances with PCOS inhibits the ability of follicles to mature and release the eggs.

Learning I had fertility issues was very devastating.

couple overcomes pcosBecause my mom didn’t conceive my brother and me until her late 30s, I always figured I would have trouble conceiving as well. I feel as a woman we are on earth to have sweet babies. Infertility made me feel like I couldn’t serve my purpose. I felt incomplete to say the least.

After my diagnosis, Dr. Conway prescribed medications for several months that I tolerated with none of the usual side effects that everyone hears about. Our first IUI in July 2016 failed. The next IUI was the following month, four days before my birthday. This time it was successful! We were pregnant!

Our sweet blessing Emily Wilma was born in early May 2017, named after both our mothers. Now I understand when people say “how can you love someone so much that you just met!” We are beyond overjoyed!  Even though I am trying for another baby and I have been unsuccessful due to not ovulating currently, my faith won’t waiver. So just keep the faith it will happen all in God’s timing! Our babies ARE THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL!!!

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