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Molly’s Story – Preserving Her Fertility With Egg Freezing

A desire to postpone motherhood prompted Molly to look into egg freezing

Molly came to our Louisiana fertility center for egg freezing after many of her friends took this step to preserve their fertility. She is a 38-year-old career woman and focused on chasing her dream of financial security, which often requires her to travel at least once a week. She said her interest in egg freezing began when, “I looked up and realized that I’m possibly nearing the end of my ability to have a healthy baby.” This realization, and encouragement from friends who had also frozen their eggs, inspired her to reach out to Fertility Answers.

By the time she met with John Storment MD, she was sure of her decision. “I went in to the clinic knowing what I wanted to do. We checked my hormone levels that day and I was a great candidate for egg freezing. I told Dr. Storment to sign me up!”

Dr. Storment made Molly feel confident in her decision to pause her biological clock

A desire to postpone motherhood prompted Molly to look into egg freezing Molly will soon be starting the medications for ovarian stimulation, with an anticipated egg retrieval at our Louisiana fertility center in August 2018. While she’s a bit nervous to go through the egg freezing cycle, she’s excited and ready for a chance to take a break from traveling. “During the cycle, I’ll need to go in for monitoring most days. It will be a welcome 14-day break from traveling. Being home will be nice.”

As an avid runner, Molly realizes that she’ll need to take a step back from fitness while she’s taking the fertility medications, but she will be fitting in one last marathon before her egg freezing cycle begins.

Through all the anticipated changes, Molly says, “Dr. Storment has been such a blessing. He’s kind-hearted, easy to talk to and has helped me understand egg freezing from a science-based perspective, which I really appreciate.”

Molly is happy to have options when she decides to become a mother

A desire to postpone motherhood prompted Molly to look into egg freezing While Molly doesn’t know when she’ll be using her frozen eggs, she’s happy to give herself the option of having children when she’s ready. “I’ve watched a lot of my friends go through the journey of meeting their spouse later in life and not being able to have children,” said Molly. “I want to have healthy eggs to use if I decide to have children.”

If you would like to learn more about egg freezing at our Louisiana fertility center, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Our team of physicians can help you preserve your fertility.

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