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Enroll in a Fertility Study

Enrolling in a fertility study at one of our Louisiana fertility centers can benefit you and the field of reproductive medicine

Fertility Answers is at the forefront of fertility research. Our fertility specialists and embryologists regularly take part in fertility studies to find the safest and most effective new fertility treatments. Each fertility study at our Louisiana fertility centers provides valuable information that can be used to improve fertility treatments and patient care here in Louisiana and around the world.

Patient safety comes first in each fertility study

Nothing is more important to the team at our Louisiana fertility centers than patient safety. To protect our patients and produce reliable study results, our team of fertility specialists and researchers always follow strict scientific protocols. We are governed by and adhere to standards set by the Food and Drug Administration’s Institutional Review Board, IRB.

Patients who enroll in a fertility study gain many benefits

If you’re interested in helping others while accessing the latest fertility treatments under the supervision of our clinical team at our Louisiana fertility centers, then you may be a good candidate for a fertility study. In addition to these benefits, some patients may receive discounted or even free access to the fertility treatment being investigated.

When enrolling in a fertility study, please remember that you can enroll in only one study at a time.

Please review the information below to determine if you qualify for one of our fertility studies. Check back often as we continue to update this page as new studies are introduced. Contact our study coordinator here.