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Not Just for Women – The Importance of Male Fertility Testing

Male fertility testing can be a crucial step in conceiving a healthy baby

Male fertility testing can be a crucial step in conceiving a healthy babyOur Louisiana fertility clinic helps hopeful parents understand the importance of male fertility testing. While many people believe that women experience most fertility challenges, men often face their own fertility barriers.

With the right fertility testing, we can often uncover information that can help us make the right male infertility diagnosis and support the hopeful parents in taking the next step towards parenthood.

The importance of male fertility testing

When hopeful parents come to our Louisiana fertility clinic, one of the first steps after the initial consultation is having all parties undergo diagnostic fertility testing. For men, this testing consists of various screenings.

  • Semen analysis. This test identifies the quantity, quality and movement of sperm.
  • Blood test. A blood test tells us the levels of a man’s testosterone and other hormones.
  • Antisperm antibody testing. This test helps us discover whether certain proteins are damaging or killing the hopeful father’s sperm.
  • Preconception genetic testing. This screening tells us whether the man has any inheritable genetic conditions that he could pass to his children.

When hopeful parents understand the importance of male fertility testing, they are often able to uncover and overcome their unique fertility challenges faster.

What happens after male fertility testing

As soon as we’ve received the results from a hopeful father’s tests, we’re often able to pinpoint whether he has fertility challenges that require treatment. If the results are inconclusive, there are more advanced tests we can utilize to determine the root of the issue.

With all this information, the doctors at our Louisiana fertility clinic work with the hopeful parents to create a customized treatment plan. As leaders in reproductive medicine, men and women who seek support from our clinic can rest assured that we are fully committed to making the right fertility diagnosis and determining the most effective path to pregnancy.

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