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Lafayette Fertility Center

Our Lafayette Fertility Center Serves Couples in Alexandria, Lake Charles and North Louisiana

FertilityAnswers Lafayette clinic

Our Lafayette clinic is conveniently located adjacent to the Women’s & Children’s Hospital campus. Organized in 2002, our Lafayette clinic serves patients throughout the southwest and central regions of Louisiana, extending in to North Louisiana. Our Lafayette fertility clinic is known for providing the most advanced, appropriate care in a relaxed and compassionate environment. We identify with every aspect of our patients’ treatment and offer innovative ways to help achieve their dreams.

Our fertility clinic offers the full range of diagnostic and treatment services for infertility. We feature two reproductive endocrinologists with extensive experience diagnosing and treating infertility – Dr. John Storment and Dr. Susan Conway.

Dr. John Storment and Dr. Susan Conway
Dr. John Storment and Dr. Susan Conway

Our fertility specialists have distinguished themselves as expert providers of the most up-to-date fertility services available. Many patients come to our fertility clinic because our services are rendered in a “compassionate and caring” environment. Our fertility specialist always “puts the couple first” in all aspects of infertility management and treatment.

Using the latest techniques and technologies, such as IVF, ICSI, PGT, blastocyst transfer and others, comprehensive knowledge and sincere care for our patients, we are dedicated to giving couples dealing with these complex fertility issues the best chance to conceive. For older women, or those with ovarian disease, we are affiliated with active donor egg programs around the country that serve our patients. We also offer semen analyses performed by andrology experts to help identify male sub fertility which is present in almost half of all infertile couples.

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