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Pregnancy After 40

pregnancy after 40

Pregnancy after 40 is possible for many women

Our Louisiana fertility center has helped many women develop a pregnancy after 40. Because a woman’s egg quality and quantity diminish with age, older women often face fertility challenges. But with our expert support, many hopeful mothers can move past these challenges and take home a healthy baby.

Potential challenges of pregnancy after 40

Many factors can affect your ability to develop a pregnancy after 40.

  • Reduced egg quality and quantity. Egg quality and quantity decrease over time. A woman is born with about one million eggs, and this number drops to 300,000 by puberty. This results in a healthy 30-year-old only having a 20% chance of conceiving. A 40-year-old has less than a 5% chance of becoming pregnant with each cycle.
  • Chromosomal abnormalities. Pregnancy after 40 can be difficult for some women because the likelihood of her eggs having chromosomal abnormalities increases over time. These abnormalities could cause a miscarriage or prevent an embryo from implanting.

Our Louisiana fertility center supports women in moving past these circumstances. We make the right fertility diagnosis and develop customized treatment plans that offer the best chance of developing a healthy pregnancy after 40.

Treatment options for hopeful mothers over 40

Two options that are often effective for women over 40 are egg donation and preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).

  • Egg donation. IVF with donor egg is becoming a popular choice for women who can’t use their own eggs. We connect hopeful mothers with donors who have been carefully vetted. This vetting includes screening for genetic, psychological and physical health. We support women through every step of the egg donor selection process and donor cycle.
  • PGT. We can now test the chromosomal normality of embryos. This testing helps us ensure that we only transfer healthy embryos, giving the hopeful mother the best chance of conceiving. To implement this test, an embryologist performs an embryo biopsy to determine which embryos are chromosomally normal.

The compassionate team at our Louisiana fertility center understands the challenges of pregnancy after 40. We are here to do all we can to help you find the most effective path to pregnancy. Contact us for more information about pregnancy after 40.