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Pregnancy After 35

Understanding the likelihood of pregnancy after 35

At our Louisiana fertility clinic, we want women to understand their chances of developing a healthy pregnancy after 35 and how they can improve their fertility. We often help hopeful mothers achieve a healthy pregnancy after 35 by utilizing customized fertility treatments, and in some cases, high-quality donor eggs. At the same time, we think it’s important for women under the age of 35 to understand their fertility and consider freezing their eggs.

Possible challenges of developing a pregnancy after 35

Several factors affect a woman’s chance of conceiving at a later age.

  • Diminished egg quality and quantity. Pregnancy after 35 can be challenging. When a woman reaches her 30s, the quality and quantity of her eggs begin to decline, and significantly drop after age 37. Between age 35 and 39, a healthy woman has less than a 20% chance of conceiving each cycle. When she reaches 40 that number drops to 5%.
  • Potential chromosomal abnormalities. Another potential obstacle to becoming pregnant after 35 is the increased incidence of chromosomal abnormalities in the eggs. These abnormalities could cause the hopeful mother to develop embryos that have too many or too few chromosomes, also known as aneuploid embryos. Aneuploid embryos can lead to miscarriage or the development of conditions like Down syndrome.

By providing the right infertility diagnosis and effective treatment, the skilled team at our Louisiana fertility clinic can support hopeful mothers who are trying to develop a pregnancy after 35.

How egg freezing or egg donation can help

While many hopeful mothers can develop a healthy pregnancy after the age of 35 without the help of advanced fertility treatments like IVF, others might need to utilize options such as egg freezing or donor eggs.

  • Egg freezing. Women under the age of 35 who think they would like to postpone motherhood until their late 30s or early 40s may want to consider freezing their eggs. This fertility preservation method can pause a woman’s biological clock and give her a better chance of conceiving, using IVF, when she is eventually ready to have a baby.
  • Egg donation. If pregnancy after 35 proves to be difficult for a hopeful mother because she is unable to use her own eggs, our Louisiana fertility clinic provides a high-quality egg donor program. All donors in our diverse database are carefully vetted for mental, physical and genetic health, ensuring that only the best candidates become donors.

With the right support, conceiving after the age of 35 is possible for women who have fertility challenges. Our knowledgeable team is here to support hopeful mothers in finding the most direct and effective route to taking home a healthy baby. Contact us for more information about pregnancy after 35.