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Fertility Advocacy Day

fertility advocacy day

Have your voice heard at Fertility Advocacy Day – going virtual this year!

Doctors, patients and advocates will be advocating virtually this year on April 25, 2023 for Fertility Advocacy Day to speak to members of Congress about important issues in reproductive care.

Fertility Advocacy Day is a RESOLVE event where the infertility community comes together to talk to members of Congress about important issues, like increased access to family building options and financial relief. RESOLVE holds this annual event so that you have a chance to make your voice heard. Our Louisiana fertility clinic and physicians support the issues that RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, will bring to our legislature this year. Learn about the issues RESOLVE will take to Congress this year.

Our team is excited to participate in RESOLVE Advocacy Day virtually

advocacy dayOur team, including Fertility Answers team members will be advocating virtually for the hopeful parents who visit us for fertility care. During Advocacy Day, nonprofits and special interest groups come together each year to talk to members of Congress about important issues in the infertility community.

Everyone can “attend” RESOLVE’s Federal Advocacy Day and make your voice heard on Capitol Hill!

Become a family building advocate and connect with other advocates through the RESOLVE Advocacy Network (RAN). By joining together, we amplify our voices and multiply our power to make a difference.

Send a letter to your Congressmen showing your support

You can also let your members of Congress know that you support the issues. Email your Louisiana members of Congress and let them know that you support RESOLVE and the issues that our Louisiana team will be advocating for. Let your congressmen know that infertility is a public health issue that needs their attention, and that supporting infertility causes is PRO-family. Find an easy form letter from RESOLVE to send quickly to your Louisiana Senators and Representatives.